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Smooth talking woman, isn't she? Did you tell her that she doesn't sweat much for a fat chick?

lol, what Dirk said. She's a twat and i wish you told her so...i know you couldnt..just sayin'. :P

Do people actually believe such things in this day & age???????????? Unbelievable

yes they do Sally, because they are actually facts.

Different ethnic groups have differently functioning sweat glands and eat traditionally different diets which make them smell different.

You can't buy underarm deoderant in East asia (China, Japan etc.) The reason for this is quite simple - east asians don't have much body odour, and therefore don't need it.

Their diets are lower in red meat than caucasians and their sweat glands are smaller and different. This is why East asians have dry ear wax while caucasians have wet ear wax, asian women have smaller breasts than caucasians and indians (mammary glands are largely inflated sweat glands).

If you refuse to believe facts to believe in a lie like "there's no such thing as race" then you should probably buy yourself a medical anatomy book and have a read sometime.

The order of increasingly strong body odor goes like this:

East Asians (least body odour)
South East Asians
Arab/South Asians
Africans (strongest body odour)

These differences are apparent to anybody that has a nose, but especially apparent to the noses of east asians (and south east asians like Adrian's Filipino passenger) who are used to smelling people with low body odour and therefore more sensitive to those with stronger odours.


I bet you were longing for a female passenger who wants to sit next to you but won't talk to you, after her, Adrian.

Yob, ur a class act as always, not. I guess chefs must be in a category all of their own, because they stink worse than a skunk by the end of a shift.
Adrian probably has an air-conditioned cab.

Your right about the game between England & Ecuador wasn't the greatest but the goal by Beckham was very good indeed.

You should have farted when that woman said you stink and said "I do now!"

Ha. Reminded me of being on a train in Tokyo, after I'd just gotten off a flight a 12 hour flight. A Japanese couple sitting next to me, put hankies over their noses. I was not offended, but took an extra long shower at the first opportunity.

Yeah...I don't think Adrian or anyone should be offended by this young woman's observance. What yobbo says is fact. She probably says things as they are...not like most people who don't say out loud what they're thinking. Being like that doesn't put her in the 'wrong'.

Dirk, I don't know where in Adrian's telling of the story that you gathered that the woman was fat. Is that your knee-jerk reaction towards women who say something you disagree with? To say that they're fat?

If anything, the woman was intending to give Adrian a compliment, even if it was badly-delivered with all the racial connotations she had to bring into it. Couldn't she just have told him that he smelled nice and left it at that? Or talked about the soccer or Nicole Kidman's wedding or anything else?

Also, what kind of a passenger gets into the front seat to stare at the cab driver in silence trying to guess what race he was? That's so creepy. And didn't her mother tell her it's rude to stare?!

Yobbo is right, there are differences in sweat glands between races. Of course, hygiene and dietary habits play a huge factor too.

I'm Asian and I do notice the difference in smells, especially on the crowded train carriages on the way home(thanks for nothing, lousy NSW Labour government!).
Have nearly lost consciousness(as well as from the effort of not grimacing or blurting out how people smell to their face, unlike what the young woman from Adrian's cab did) from some people's bad breath and body odour, and puzzled why others sitting next to me at the time say they smelled the stench too but say it's not as bad as I make it out to be.

And not to toot my own horn(oh ok, there is some tooting here), but I do still smell pretty good even after a sweaty jog :)

Not hard to press your buttons, is az?
Learn to recognise a joke when you see one, you sad sack.

Lets hear from Harry Tuttle!!!!

Lets hear from Harry Tuttle!!!!

Err, John, it's been a whole month since Harry commented on the issue you wish to debate, yet you continue challenging him to respond. If you're fair dinkum about a debate why not try his listed email address, or are you looking for a public squabble ?

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