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Blame the seat cover, huh? Not bad, I might use it myself sometime.

Over here in Merkkka the smell of a woman after sex is called "funky". Not sure but I do believe that's the first definition of the word I ever heard. Since then it's in general usage with many definitions, esp in music, with a whole genre thus defined.

I never knew that about the seat covers, but thankyou for opening my eyes. I will never blame my cab driver again.

I have ever only noticed a smell like an old lady's wardrobe(the shoes, I think), in taxis.

Maybe the industry should be doing something about this sort of thing

Maybe it should be made compulsory for change of seat cover at the end of each shift to prevent this from happening. Beaded seat covers maybe the go as well :) .

It's strange isn't it, the things we never consider until a post like this comes up?

I'll definitely be thinking twice about cab seats now...not that I use cabs often up here where I live.

But it's similar to using public toilets, whether they be in restaurants, bars, shopping centres, airports (I HATE public toilets and stay away from them as much as I possibly can...I'd rather drive home and go back out again than use them!)...however, I worked in the hospitality industry for many years and often had to use toilets used by the public. I use my elbows or shoulders to open the doors or use a paper towel on my hands to do so and to turn of the taps.

After the report came out a few years ago about the traces of urine etc., found on peanuts in bowls at bars, I've never touched them since...those in bowls on bars, that is!

Add an 'f' to the 'of' making it ' turn off the taps'....I guess you figured that out already, anyway! ;)

And, Adrian, I mean no offense to you whatsoever about cab seats....I sympathise...you must have to deal with so much...the public are a strange breed!!! ;)

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