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and us americans got our butts handed to us 0-3. woe to us!

Adrian, do you think your flash has the flu, too?

It's okay, Adrian...don't feel too bad...I gave up on the game, too....I turned off and went to bed when the Japanese were one up...I figured perhaps if I didn't watch, the Socceroos might have a better chance of winning! It worked! I'm a real chicken, but a very patriotic chicken!

Hope your cough and sniffles go away before next Monday!

Bad luck Wilhelm, you've got two more games though.
Slatts, unfortunately I'm only using a phone/cam, though you've reminded me to get a real camera. Cheers,
Thanks lg, I'm having tonight off work, the first sickie in years. As a result I got to watch Brazil/Croatia this morning, a bonus.

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