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I think its silly to expect that cabbies should know every little obscure street in Sydney. It's only being polite to proffer assistance if the cabbie you get isn't sure of the way (or the best way) to get to where they are going!

Agreed that cabbies do not need to know obscure Sydney suburban streets, but they should at least know the major destinations, all the suburbs, and how to get to them, and be able to go the shortest or quickest way when asked.

I would not mind paying a premium or a surcharge to a cabby that had passed the equivalent of a London cabbie's "knowledge" and had his cab marked as such. At least then I would know I was not about to be taken on an unwanted tour of Sydney looking for my destination.

I hate Cabcharge because they want everything on a Cabcharge docket to be 100% correct and if it isn't then they won't pay you. As I tell Cab Drivers they are a bunch of fuss pots.

It is great news that Cabcharge's monopoly has been broken.Cabcharge doesn't work for the benefit of working taxi drivers.
I agree with your comments about drivers who do not know what they are doing.
If they got rid of the worst 20% there would be no detrimental effect on passengers as competent drivers could easily take up the 20 % slack. The result would be an improvement for everybody.
Our political masters do not have the imagination to do anything.

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