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i know why they travel up front late at night after a boozing session...

and they're pissed when your hand doesn't stray from the handbrake!

spread the love, Adrian!


I do think its about being uncomfortable with being chaffeured around. I sit in the front unless there are other passengers.

If some women sit in the front, and then don't say much, surely they either have something on their mind or are just more reserved as people. You mention that you feel uncomfortable when these women don't talk, but have you considered that perhaps they are comfortable with silence. If you're an extrovert and she's an introvert, it would explain this behaviour.

My reason for sitting up the front is a mixed one. first of all.. I was never told not to. Really I didn't realise I wasn;t meant to ride in the front.

Another reason is being a larger lady.. the seat belts in the rear of most vechiles aren't as long as the front one. but mostly it's option A I wasn;t told not to

They sit up front so they LOOK chummy, accompanied and protected to those they pass by. You're role is a bit like the young adolescent guy entering the room the hot chick who really has her eye on the surfie. Social cannon fodder. It's all about the look. The look is the message. We're talking sub-conscious stuff here. She wants the status of sitting up front.

I always ride up front in the cab.

There was a serial killer(of women)suspect over here who was a cabdriver & it can't help but to affect the way women feel about approaching a cab driver.

Being closer to the driver I feel better able to protect myself, if the driver happens to not be cool. I think it's also a way of showing an assertive personality while not being aloof.

Most cabbies I've met are cool, but if their hand ever slipped off the gear stick(bleahk - gross me out, Invig - choke me with a spoon!), it'd be their last mistake.

Back in my cab driving days (1980s), I remember the strippers particularly seemed to prefer taking a taxi (to driving themselves) and to ride in the front seat. I always assumed that the reason for both was so that they had a "safe" male right on hand in case a customer got too enamored of their charms.

Maybe they just prefer riding in the front of the car but just don't want to have a chat? I never give it any thought about whether I sit in the front or back of a cab personally, it's somewhat random where I end up. Why so much pressure on them to talk if they sit up the front? I don't get it...

sorry ab - i just like to think that women want sex a lot more than what they let on...

especially in the case of adrian - i mean - look at him!


(am i making this worse for myself i wonder? :)

I sit up the front too, usually because I'm uncomfortable with being chauffered. I usually try and chat with the driver too.

But then sometimes I think "what if he doesn't want to chat and I'm intruding?" So then I stay quiet. It depends what vibes I'm getting from the cabbie.

Adrian, don't forget this etiquette thing is just as difficult for your passengers to fathom!

Adrian, If i ever got in your cab, I'd talk your ears OFF! I love me a good chat, however, mostly i sit in the back and am fairly quiet, unless conversation is instigaged by the cabbie. I'm usually pre-occupied and in my own world when i'm travelling, be that in the car or bus or train.

One thing that does put me off talking, is that bloody talkback radio blaring. I've been known to jump out before reaching my destination ( after paying that is) simply because i can NOT stand the inane, sensationalist prattle from the radio.
I'd rather walk than listen to that.

I sit in the front seat so I don't get car sick. To avoid the nausea, I have to see where I'm going, which I can't do in the back because the head rest on the front seat blocks my view. I am short.

I'm with Grace and Kim on this one, but it depends on the vibe you get from the driver before you get in. I tend to sit in the front if I feel comfortable with the driver on first glance, but then feeling comfortable doesn't necessarily translate into feeling talkative. Silence is golden. I do tend to feel like a right proper miss travelling in the back.

Yes Invig, u made it considerably worse for yself, but not with me at least ;}}

There could be a reason why women don't 'let on' that they're interested - they could be a little overwhelmed by your subtle charms.

I also like to see whether the driver is nodding off at the wheel. I go home late at night five nights a week, and I've awoken drivers a couple of times in the past decade or so.

i like to sit up the front of the cab, but i also like to talk to the person driving me. if the cab driver seems grumpy, then ill stay quiet, but otherwise, i love to talk.
i learnt a lot from a lebanese cab driver on the way home when i was engaged about profiting from weddings, unfortunately i didnt take his advice, and didnt profit from my wedding as i should have if i was lebanese. bugger!
apparently his daughter made a $7000 profit from her engagement party, and didnt even end up married! i had a bbq. how silly am i.

ps - my mother also didnt tell me about the sitting up front thing.

I agree with Angela too, when I was going home from work 1 nite the cab driver drive through the red lites and stopped for the green ones. And they say walking at nite is dangerous!

Well, the recurring theme of being chaffeured is understandable. As is physicality, sight-distance and riding shotgun for sleepy drivers (a worry).

No invig, my dilemma is totally non-sexual, perish the thought, it's the last thing I need. Though the suggestions of gauging the driver, at night, when approaching is interesting. A decision then to sit up front would, I'm assuming, indicate a willingness to chat rather than choosing silence.

Yet I'm still uncomfortable with those who maintain silence. Sure, on it's own silence is an admirable and theraputic condition. But imagine this - you're alone at night in your office/work-station, and a total stranger comes and sits almost shoulder to shoulder with you, in the dark, in complete silence. Know what I mean ? I'm here to tell you it can be really unnerving.

Still, I appreciate the feedback and the various explanations. And who knows, maybe an inane chat can lead to keeping a driver awake, or making money on your wedding !

I can understand how uncomfortable you feel with someone sitting silently up front with you, Adrian. It would be disconcerting.

It is a strange argument...when I was younger (thousands of years ago) one ever sat in up front with the driver...perhaps a male might, but never a female. For years, I always sat in the back. It was only when I moved to regional and smaller country towns to live and work that I sat up front with the it seemed the thing to do in the smaller towns...and a conversation would follow naturally. However, I think when in a city, I would still sit in the back of the cab...don't ask me why...I just would feel more comfortable...that's not to say, I wouldn't conduct a conversation...I would...just my tuppence worth....

I'm one of those females that always ride shotgun in cabs but often go without a chat. During the times I do share a friendly chat with the driver, it's because they're genuinely friendly and without any further intentions. Sometimes, when a conversation has begun, I get fooled into thinking that it is just a chat, then suddenly, the cabbie shoots me a leery look, asks if I have a boyfriend then asks for my number or offers me theirs. So now, at the beginning of the fare when basic exchange of information to conduct the business of transportation is done, I try to tune my radar into whether any further discussion will turn leery or if the cabbie himself/herself just wants a quiet drive.

On the occasions that I did have a good chat with a cabbie though, they were wonderful talks that I've never quite forgotten.

But like ab, I must confess that the true reason I ride shotgun is that should a cabbie attempt to attack me or suddenly attempt to drive me somewhere else other than my requested destination, it'll be their last mistake. If I'm going to be harmed or killed, I want to go in the knowledge that my attacker lost an eye or a limb or more. Rage against the dying of the light, I say.

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