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Indeed, and full credit to Mundine for being such a fantastically talented sport. Freakishly so!

i would humbly invite people to read my take on how john howard's underlying character (and i am no raving lefty!) affects his policies. (3rd last entry)

"the general lack of interest from commercial media in positive aboriginal affairs"

It's funny that you say that Adrian, I am currently working on a doco on indig affairs doco, & frankly I can't imagine anything a journo worth his weight could feel so moved by, as the plight of human rights within our own country.

Indigenous culture and people have so much to offer to society's general understanding and enjoyment of life & cultural diversity, but indig history has been buried under generations of White-Oz-policy-social-exclusion, a headspace only perpetuated through teaching, journalism occupations filled by white Australians.

All that we see on the telly and in the paper, is the dysfunctional incidents in aboriginal communities, which ultimately delivers a bias to viewers & it is only just in recent years people have become fascinated by bush tucker and outback life. There is still so much more we can all share and enjoy together to break down social exclusion and create more community cohesion and improve the way indigenous affairs is characterized in the media.

The issues in Central Oz do need to be dealt with and I gather the popular opinion is to create dry communities rather to exacerbate the social exclusion created by white policy in the first place.

Fred Hollows was howled down. Any wonder it took a black fellow to open the cesspool? As mentioned at
No more empty rhetoric, please By Michael Duffy
May 20, 2006 "The ill effects of welfare have become grudgingly accepted even by romantics since Noel Pearson gave his famous "welfare poison" speech some years ago. But few people have faced up to the implication of this insight, which is that if you take away the welfare, most of the communities have no future, and therefore should be shut down. Aboriginal people should be paid to move to the cities and assimilate. There is no other solution."

I doubt that the problems with the aboriginies are solely a result of white australia. Remember, pre-colonisation they were a stone age people, without the (dare i say it) civilised qualities of the rest of the world.

I also believe that much of the debate about abuse in these communities has been constricted by either indifference from the right (ie, who cares about em anyway), or overzealous nannying by the left (ie, its their culture - and our fault)

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