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Here in San Jose we must let passengers transport and even drink alcohol in the taxi if they wish. I'll have to ask our guys here what they do about this. This question could/should be asked at the time the taxi licence is given out. If the drivers can not accept this they need not drive the public. If that won't work disguise the alcohol as bubble bath for surely the Muslim drivers must be in favor of cleanliness.

All hail sharia. Get used to the new rules.

I don't think we have to change our rules, principles, way of life for any Muslim...live by our way of life here in Aus...or leave! This is my belief!

Muslim taxi drivers ban you riding with alcohol?
I have no problem with that.
I prefer a dickhead that identifies himself and his intentions and mucho prefer to direct my hard-earned elsewhere, even if it means waiting in line for a long time for another cab, because I know which is the chicken and which is the egg here.
Anyone in a democracy can believe what they choose to believe..and that I will always respect. But Democracy means a free choice for you AND me. Try to change that and expect trouble.

Times get tough for sure. It's admirable to be working through it and believing that tomorrow will be better and bring better tidings, requires courage and hope, doesn't it?

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