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You're a good man, Adrian; don't beat yourself up. You are right of course, but it's too late; maybe next time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching, and have had similar experiences and the same regrets - the only consolation one can offer ones self is that it's too late ......this time! Cheers, mate

Yes, we all have regrets of decisions we've made, Adrian. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Don't beat yourself up, as Ian says...but I know it's sometimes easier said than done. I still beat myself up over a particular regret (one of many) I have carried with me since 1969!

Poor old is sad. I often say, 'it's not death that's so sad, but growing old and feeling/being alone.'

The sad part about this elderly gentleman, too, is he obviously worked hard all his life to give his children a good grounding on which to commence their lives and that of their children. So soon some forget from whence they came!

I made a typo in my previous post...replay the first 'of' with'about'. :)

I made a typo in my previous post...replace the first 'of' with'about'. :)

Hahahahaha! I should quit while I'm ahead, shouldn't I? ;)

I blame my cat because she was weaving her way around my keyboard at the time...and she can't speak up for herself in this instance!!!

You're making of the mistake and subsequent telling of the story may be what was intended. Life is strange and reality unknowable.

(i should be in cave somewhere :)

Yeah the city is becoming more and more impersonal and with the Liberals in power with their 'every man for himself' agenda its only going to get worse..
But we have no-one to blame but ourselves, we had the oppurtunity to kick lying johnny out at the last election...

And you really believe Beazley is going to be any better, James? Come on, now! Kim is flat out maintaining his weight let alone trying to maintain a government/country!

I second Ian's comment. :)

I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid of growing old....
I sat with my 89 yr old grandfather on his birthday in hospital. He died that day. His last conversation was with me.
me: happy bday grandad
GD: not too happy son.
He had 5 children none were there that day...

Adrian - far too much going on here to start to analyse what might have been going on and more specifically what drove it all. Once again, your story closely parallels a conversation I had today where someone was talking to me about not wanting to die with regrets about what they 'might' or 'should' have done. People like you, with the ability and will to reflect and learn from what we do will be OK, I reckon. And with a 90 year father (who lives with us), the nature of how our final years play out is very close to my thoughts at the moment. Your old fellow certainly deserved better.

"he muttered about ‘women are bitches’; ‘not feeling well’; ‘didn’t include me’; and so on"

Sounds like his daughters-in-law don't like him.

If his sons don't know how to treat their father, who's fault is it but his? He raised them didn't he?

Kids learn behavior from their parents - by example. So, probably he didn't set a very good example and is reaping what he has sown.

If you have kids and you want them to behave a certain way, you need to teach them through your own example.

If you want your kids to love you, then you had better love your kids. You also have to make sure they know you love them by demonstrating it through your words and deeds. Then when you kids choose spouses, they will know what love is because they learned it from you. Your kids will choose spouses that also understand what love is.

Your effort will pay off many times over and continue through the generations long after you are gone.

Whole lot of faulty, half assed extrapolation of a situation Adrian said wasn't clear to him even though he was present.


You just made one of yourself.

Ummm...not always the case, example.

Same sort of thing happened to me while driving a City Council Bus in Brisbane I picked up a passener outside a Private Hospital he was very well dressed but very very vague. I called the depot and told them of my concern that he may be a absconder from the above hospital I had him on the Bus behind me for the 15 minute ride to the valley where he got up I accosted him as he approached the door and tried to get him to stay on the bus after a 2 minute exchange he said "I don't know what you are trying to get me to do but if i don't hurry I will miss my appiontment with the Specialist at th Royal Brisnbane Hospital." He said on going out the door. Just as he disappeared into the Chinatown Mall they called me from the depot to inform me that there was no one missing from that Hospital but theythanked me for my concern. We can only do our best and no more

You're so right, Ray...we try.

With all due respect to Example, there are a lot of influences on children as they grow.

Whatever the case, we are talking about adults here, and adults know right from wrong whatever their background. Of course, we don't know the other side of the story.

I'm sure lots of us can attest to not being as kind or generous to our parents as we could have been.

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