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There you go (Eskimo Joe)

Yep...agreed...Eskimo Joe's latest is great. I also like Augie March, the Melbourne band...'One Crowded Hour' is their single off the latest album/CD. Actually, there's some pretty good stuff around at the moment...of course, there's still a lot of rubbish, too...but overall, things seem to be picking up in the new music department!

Fridays are my big video night too. The Massive Attack video you plugged a while back rocked. The helicopter hair in the Junkie XL video was darn cute, too, though.
s/A former hacker

Thanks peemil, I'll check it out in future.
lg, couldn't agree more, I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of great Aussie acts around.
Welcome Walt, a version of the helicopter hair first appeared at a US Hair Wars expo under the name, 'hairycopter'.

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