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Adrian congratulations, what an honor, so nice to be recognized.I picked you up through Paradise Driver(Wil).I will keep reading and enjoying, ty..June

Goodonya mate, Cheers

HI there Adrian,

Was just reading the SMH online and came across your blog, as they had listed you in at number 8. After checking out your site, I must aggree that it is uplifting and also has the tendencies of being emotional, which is great! Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to pass on your site to friends and family overseas..lol Cheers

I was a bit worried by the intro but now I see that of course your assessment of the SMH is spot-on... Always thought so myself really.



Totally agree mate. I'm a young bloke (22) working in a joinery shop and I smoke. All the other blokes do to. We pay that much tax on the bloody things but those that work in offices (and earn buckets more than us) don't smoke.


I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw your post praising the SMH as "the best newspaper in the country".

After reading the article, I can see why. :-)

Congratulations on the recognition, particularly since the source newspaper is notoriously anti-conservative.

Congratulations and celebrations. Smoking is your choice.

Long time reader, first time comment writer :)

Congrats on the endorsement mate, your posts are always a pleasure to read.

[PQ, "notoriously anti-conservative" is a little harsh, no? Especially since said source newspaper has not not endorsed the NSW ALP since 1891 and decided to not endorse any Federal party for any forthcoming elections. Rather, I think Green Left Weekly suits the description quite nicely.]

Congratulations... illustrious company there.

Good on ya Adrian, well done. Mind you, you're wrong about the SMH, the Charters Towers Northern Miner is the best paper.

Well done. Although I'm sure you don't need the MSM to tell you that, this blog is a pleasure to read.

Ha! Adrian! How wonderful! :D

Thanks for the wonderful sentiments folks, much appreciated.

Better you than Tim Blair, I guess.

I'm late in visiting, but congratulations, Adrian! What an accomplishment -- and well-deserved!

i didn't think it was *that* obvious


Well Done that man... and isn't it nice to see the SMH gracing it's pages with talent such as your Adrian?! Spot on mate... glad to see you got in the top ten!


Well earnt. Cheers to you!

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