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Weaker sun? With Italy stretching between 35 and 52 degrees latitude, that would suggest that in Australia, beauty would only be achievable long-term between Adelaide (34) and Hobart (42).

I think there are probably more contributing factors...drinking lots of water, using lots of olive oil in cooking, fresh fruits and veggies...and the right attitude to life. I've run across 'young' women in their early twenties who act as if they're in their 'sixties' and I've met sixty year old women (and men) who act much younger. It's how one looks at one's life...and acts accordingly. I, for one, never want to become part of the 'floral and handbag' brigade and have told my friends to shoot me if I ever do! ;) As a teenager I spent every weekend at the coast surfing and sunbaking...by the end of summer I was as brown as a berry (and I'm of Irish/Scottish stock)...In the mid-eighties I live on a couple of islands...one in particular I wore bathers throughout the day as I was in and out of my boat transferring people to the mainland and picking up provisions. Wearing bathers seemed to be the most sensible thing to wear in case of a mishap on the boat...I was brown then too. I no longer sunbake but fortunately...for whatever reason, and I put it down to drinking lots of water and cooking with olive oil and all the rest of what I've suggested above, my skin has not been affected. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones...but I don't push my luck these days!!!

However...I guess having a few million dollars to spare, fabulous clothes and carers in all aspect of beauty care helps a little bit, too! ;) But let's face, Sophia Loren has wonderful bone structure and that glorious golden Italian skin...she is one beautiful woman and age doesn't not detract from her beauty, one iota....


I really think that clothes have alot to do with how you look. You can hide all kinds of flaws etc

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