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It sounds like a bit of a coping mechanism for what really must be quite a traumatic experience. People can have strange ways of dealing with things.

Beautifully put Adgirl.

Gallows humor. That's all. Not strange at all.

Then have a drink.

Yes...I agree, Adgirl...laughter cures all, I believe...the experiences I had with the nursing staff when my brother was dying, left me with an everlasting admiration for these people and what they have to deal with and cope with on an hourly/daily basis. I know I couldn't do it...and if I had to, I guess I would 'break' our similarly as they do. One has to have a release valve....some 'release' in different ways...but to be able to have that 'outlet' is most important. Bottling things up inside has been proven not to be the right approach...one case in instance...the ex-ambulance officer now in prison for two life terms...in Queensland, for known murders of two prostitutes...and other heinous assaults. Allowing the 'demons' to remain inside and fester does nobody any good!

I used to be a fireman with the army and when it comes to resucitating someone. There is a special mask that you should carry. That prevents contact from another persons mouth and saliva during resuccitating. If she didn't have the mask handy, she could have been leaving herself well and truely open to infection from this person. It would have been a tough call to make. Mate. He could have had hepatitis and without the use of that mask, she could have gotten sick. Things aren't all well with the health system however you can't exactly call this confirmation.

I am a nurse and the story you have just told is a complete load of crap. Either the girls in the car were trying to impress/scare the boys or you heard them wrong. Probably the latter.

When resuscitating a patient in a hospital a device called an air-viva (a face mask connected to a bag and O2) is used and no mouth-to-mouth contact is made AT ALL! When a code is called on a patient a crash team responds immediately and the patient is attended to. All efforts are used to revive and resuscitate a patient and the team usually persists well and truely beyond death.

Adrian you should be very careful about the comments you make because when you do end up in hospital which is inevitable (as you are a revolting smoker) it is the nurses who will be watching your back! What goes around comes around.

Adrian before you start making up stories do some research! Nurses use an air-viva device that requires no physical contact with the patient. I know this because my mother went into cardiac arrest whilst I was visiting her in the ICU ward in a hospital. There is also a team of people that come to help. Nurses don't just let people die!

If you want to really get stuck into a profession lets look at taxi drivers. Huge amounts of respect for those people, and I am sure that no taxi driver has ever done anything negligent...............In fact I would be confident in saying there is a significant correlation between taxi driving and lesions to Wernicke's area*

Adrian I am tipping your ex wife is a nurse and you are single, miserable and all you have is your blog.

*Wernicke's area is located in the superior portion of the left temporal lobe. Lesions to this area most often result in difficulties (or inability) in production and comprehension of speech

Adrian, this is the first time I've read your blog (& I love it). I enjoyed your post re the nurses in your back seat. Oh, it takes me back to my days as a student nurse in the early 80's. "Memories...." (think Barbra S). Anyway, it's true what Katrina says - all efforts are ALWAYS made to save someone but, well... sometimes all the resus in the world isn't going to make it happen. And even though we might laugh about it, inside we always remember it. Laughter & cocktails just stops us from getting eaten up by it. Don't despair! You are all getting good health care!

When reporting a conversation verbatim I don't need to research the details to ascertain if correct procedure occurred. I'm simply reporting what was said. This is research...

A report by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission has identified 19 deaths linked to sub-standard care at two Sydney hospitals.

Undoubtedly there are procedures for such an emergency. In this case basic first-aid training dictates the patient be put in a side-position to first clear the airways, prior to commencing resuscitation.

Every first-aid kit contains a face-mask, one of which I carry in the glovebox of my car. And obviously hospital equipment is much more sophisticated with access to life-saving devices. Though I'm unsure if they're all located bedside for the attending nurse to use.

But so what ? Doesn't mean correct protocol is always followed. If an inexperienced nurse is caught alone, how can one refute the substance of this reported conversation ?

That these details were confirmed by the second girl would indicate, more than likely, the incident occurred. The girl involved not only dogged it but freely admitted it.

I'm sorry Katrina and Al but you're just going to have to believe me, as I have no need to make stuff up. Nor have you any grounds to issue veiled threats or insult me, just because I didn't report a conversation detailing a textbook emergency response.

However Katrina has reminded me of a word omitted from the report, which I couldn't recall earlier, i.e. - 'crash team'. Thank you.

Good on you, Adrian! You have no reason, nor purpose in making up your post...you are just reporting what you overheard...

"gallows humour".. "laughter cures all".. "coping mechanism". Some people here are very quick to excuse what appears to be grossly negligent behaviour and a complete dereliction of duty. The woman ADMITS she did not resuscitate the man because ("urgghhh") she was squeamish over the "white stuff" which was a milkshake she had given him. How would you like such a gentle flower of a nurse looking after you or your loved ones? The first sign of something challenging and she absolves herself of her responsibilities. Yes, nurses by and large do a wonderful underpaid job, but, there is no room for this mortally negligent behaviour and furthermore ... how would you like a cab full of people laughing hysterically over YOURS, or your mother's death, in a cab whilst out on the town and on the piss?! Classy.

Black humour is pretty common with police also, jobs that deal with a lot of trauma have to, it's the only way to cope - and if we cannot laugh at ourselves and our own ridiculous humpty-dumptyness then we are really in trouble.

Which reminds me, for those two critics - wake up n smell the gangrenous toes.

It might be swishy & protocol at your hospital(where the grass is greener and the pigs fly), but it sure sure as heck isn't in most, and these poor b****** are expected to get their heads around the inadequacies they have to work within everyday.

Yep..ab...I agre with you. I wonder did anyone watch 'MASH' both movie and TV series...we all laughed through them, didn't we? Does anyone watch 'Scrubs'? We laugh through that too...and it's quite incredible the size of the viewing audience and popularity of 'ER'...and 'Grey's Anatomy' seems to be heading to the heights in the popularity stakes, as well... oh! Well!


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