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Solomon, wisdom of. That's in the category of making you say, "I want to be like Adrian when I grow up"!

Commissioner Cole needs ------> "You"

Happy Whatever

Ombudsman Adrian. That's why I wouldn't drive a cab (despite my fantasies of telling the boss where to stick his job.) I don't have the patience of a good cabbie and would probably punch a few customers from time to time.

Am I stirring the pot in saying that there may have been a communication issue going on in that cab?
I have had two instances that a cab has not known where to go in Sydney. The frustration that I felt was crazy. I travel alot and cabbies need to know where to go. This sounds terrible but when I fly into Sydney now I ask the cabbie at the rank, " Do you know where such and such is?", if I get blank stares or a little confusion I move on.
Hey, I know you have a tough gig, but I wouldn't say that alot of the bad press that you guys get is unwarranted.
The guy was probably a mongrel and he sounded like a mongrel. But he may have had a point initially. Saw the trouble that was coming and said, screw this.
Hey, anyway just playing Devil's avacado. And making a quick point..

Thanks folks, but it's surely common sense. Just goes to show how many bloody idiots there are out there.

Not at all Nick. The tourist knew the brothel years ago and was perplexed he couldn't re-identify it. I suspect it no longer existed. On departing I noticed him wander into a doorway of an upstairs martial arts gym. Consequently the driver was operating on vague instructions and was understandly bamboozleed.

But generally, you point is valid. Too many Sydney drivers have a hopeless command of English and localities. I fully endorse your practise of petitioning drivers before committing. Imperative under the circumstances.

Nick makes such a good point, whether it be correct in that particular instance or not, too many times you get in a cab with someone who says they know what they are doing, and they dont. Even to the point where directing the driver ourselves, saying "turn left at the lights" only to have the driver turn right or continue straight through (repeatedly, throughout the whole journey). I think we need a whole bunch of Adrian clones. or at the very least, adrian should teach lessons or something.

This comment is totally off topic, but I thought I'd squeeze it in here.
A crime occurred in Tunisia and a taxi driver there helped the victim's English family when the English police would not. He is only referred to as 'Kaled'. What a difference he made.
This would make a fascinating documentary.

Maybe if you give 'em "Enough Rope" they might hang themselves. Can you imagine Chinese driver and pissed tourist shackled together for the duration of Easter!!

Thanks for the laughs.

Hmmmph, the taxi driver should have dropped him off at the local church, so he could get what he really needed. Clearly identifiable as a big fat loserhead right from the time he said where he wanted to go.

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