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G'day; that's great news for ya all :-))

FWIW I can't seem to get the vid to play; not usually a prob - not sure if it's my end or yours.


Thanks Ian. Everything seems okay here with vid. If anyone else has a problem, let me know and I'll upload it again.

Adrian - having problems here too... bit early for a glass of red - but would like to share the celebration.

Okay, I've uploaded again. Should be right now.

wonderful news! congratulations.

blue rules

Congrats and best wishes.

That's great news Adrian. Wishing him a "blue" future!

Aren't you supposed to be sad when you've got the blues?
Howlin' Wolf lied to me.

A real chip off the blue block got to love those ANTI BODIES.

Here's hoping it will be blue skies for all of us thus forth, I feel your relief Adrian. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for a parent to go through this. I'm so happy for your boy, it just brings me to tears - 'congratulations' is just not enough. Thanks for sharing Adrian.

Nice blue report.

On behalf of my son thanks for all the acclaim folks. He'll really be chuffed to hear of your thoughtful sentiments.

Yes Dirk, it's ironic the condition 'blue', usually associated with the blues and depression, can also be used in a positive context. In the same vein, take Coldplay's scorching hit, 'Yellow'. That colour usually denotes joy and happiness. Yet whilst primarily a love song, I've always considered it's 'yellow' refers to cancer and loss. In fact the song was used to promote the Anti-Cancer Council Of Victoria's annual Daffodil Day, to raise money for cancer research.

Much appreciated ab, I hope things are improving for your boy too and you're getting some overdue rest. Have faith.

That is awesome news. Give him a big hug from me....he's a hottie :P

After going through so much, such news is just great.

Best wishes to him and all concerned.

Is he a hottie? Have you put a picture of your dead cute son up on the site and I missed it?

What else can I do but wish your son (and both of you Adrian) nothing but "Bright, Bright, sun shiney days..."

Kids coming back from this type of trauma belong in the Hero category I believe, they have so much courage (and fortitude) inside of them... I'm just speaking of my experiences with Camp Quality Kids...

I'm glad to hear your news mate.


Thanks Adrian, my son will (hopefully) grow out of his condition & y'know I could've got that rest, but now I've forgotten how to sleep!
Thanks for your kind thoughts Adrian.

Will do Steph and thanks.
Sorry Anya I haven't posted any images. Maybe one day I will, posing together, and you can see the strong likeness, heh, heh...sorry couldn't resist that
Belongum, thanks and well done with Camp Quality. I'm impressed.
Not at all ab, I can easily relate to your situation.

My best wishes to you both Adrian. Good news deserves a glass or two of plonk! I'll have one with you in spirit.

Great News Adrian. Please pass on our best wishes to your family. Also - I couldn't download the video either.....

Real tough for a parent whose kid gets sick. Doesn't seem right. Great news that things worked out.

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