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just fyi - it's ketamine that is a horse tranquiliser, not GHB.

between myself and my 6 closest gal-pals, only ONE of us has not been a victim of this, and we dont visit the "trendy" city bars and clubs. (not ususally, its too far to get home when your feet hurt and your head is pounding) None of these instances have been reported. Every girl i know knows someone (not just heard of someone, but is actually a friend) who has experienced this. I wish all were lucky enough to have been discovered before any harm was done, but alas no. And guys wonder why we go out in groups and refuse to seperate from our girlfriends? By staying by at least 1 friends side ALL night, even if your drink is tampered with, you have an alli to remove you from harms way. Its the only way to guarantee all us girls get home in one piece (stiletto heels and $120 hairdo's notwithstanding)

Sorry, but I'm a bit of a skeptic....I mean, how many of these girls are just pissed? We all know girls are drinking more than ever, and throw in a touch of the drama queen or jealousy that a mate is picking up, and bingo -- everyone pay attention to me! My drink's been spiked!

A Perth Uni study found that most of the girls who came into hospital claiming to have had their drinks spiked had ON AVERAGE alcohol levels of .20 or more (i.e. 4x the driving limit).

I'm not saying this doesn't happen, but this whole thing has a whipped-up Today/Tonight scare story feel about it.

96% of "drink spiking victims" have no drugs other than alcohol present in their system, according to Perth police.

I'm in Yobbo's camp.

Drink spiking does happen. My observation: Most who claim to be victims of spiking in reality have nothing more than a gutful of grog.

Of those who actually have something other than alcohol inside them, most have administered the substance themself: That is, they buy tablets or something, of indeterminate origin, from a pusher, and believing it to be "drugs", eat it.

When the outcome is not as they had expected, they bleat: "I was a spiking victim".

Of course, not to leave out those who cover a hangover/embarrassing behaviour by claiming to have been "spiked".

Must say I am a bit of a sceptic as well regards the figures.

What is offensive is when women mention this in the pubs. Have had it happen on a couple of occasion when women have approached me and or mates at the pub, spent considerable time engaging in conversation and yet when it is time to go get another drink, you ask if they would like one as a matter of courtesy and have "how do I know you wont spike it" thrown in your face.

They always seem surprised when you tell them where to go.

Thanks ac, amended.
As commented on, I must also admit to a sneaking suspicion many spiking incidents are mis-reported. If so, this may explain why many elect to forego medical treatment. Still, spiking is a growing concern and must be considered an ever-present danger.

While agreeing with Yobbo annoys me somewhat, I think this is probably the case.

Also, I think people are loath to admit to others (after they have got themselves in a bit of strife) that they have taken drugs of their own accord.

im sure there are plenty of girls out there crying wolf. this annoys me in a similar fashion to those who cry rape etc to "get back at him" or whatever. I assure you, that the particular group of close galpals i was referring to all drink to excess and know the difference between legless and something more. And as for someone with a huge background in drinking (culturally and experience-wise) after having only 1 drink and not being able to stand on her own is NOT NORMAL.
and as to "They always seem surprised when you tell them where to go." i say good on you for telling them. I can be wary whilst still being polite and respectful - suggesting someone is like that with no good reason to isnt ok in my book either. I may be a westie girl, but i have manners, as to the poeple i call friends, and wec can all admit to each other if we exceed our limits. i saw the results of most of those instances, and can vouch for their authenticity. If you still doubt me, i can point you to a particular club where most the regular girls can point to 2 men in particular who, although it cant be proven (yet) are considered regular offenders. Wanna let them shout you a round? or give me the benefit of your doubt?

Exctasy used as a drink spiking drug???
Not likely.....
It has no inebriating effects..
Its a bloody stimulant adrian..

Honey, I accept your point which is well made.

Jaque, standard pill-form ecstacy certainly is a stimulant, in single doses. However, it is also a debilitating drug in multiple dosages. More so with concentrated spiking agents, liquid ecstacy, GBH or G, one and the same thing,

Caldicott, who will release death figures in research to be published next year, says 300 people overdosed in South Australia alone in the past four years, most of them from the straight rave scene.

"A substantial proportion who use G actually get into medical trouble on it - and yet they do not actually see that as a problem. They arrive on our doorstep in a comatose state. Many require intubation and ventilation, and when occasionally that is unsuccessful people do die."

People who overdose range from appearing to be merely asleep, to deeply comatose, to those who have stopped breathing. Some suffocate when their airways become blocked; others choke after they have vomited. Many suffer a state of extreme agitation, literally jumping up and down on the spot, before they collapse.

Emergency department staff are getting used to treating G overdoses, predicting its clinical paths and the length of time its anaesthetic effects last. Outside hospitals, there is increasing anecdotal evidence that as G users and their friends become more familiar with how it affects people, many are starting to look after those who have overdosed at home, Chow says.

Read the whole article, it's a real eye-opener.

I'm not sure why agreeing with me annoys everybody so much. The more you agree with me the more often you will be correct.

As for honey: I call bullshit on her story and would suggest that her friends "having one drink and not being able to stand" are possibly related to my friends who drink "a carton of piss" every time they go out. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Even if your drink had been spiked with Rohypnol, you wouldn't be "unable to stand" after a short period of time. Unless you received a dosage so high you nearly died, that is. In which case you should have taken your friends to hospital.

As I said, bullshit.

yobbo - thanks for your candidness. im sure YOUR personal experiences with this.....oh wait - you didnt mention any. your welcome to call bullshit on me anytime - all i can do is say that i shortened the story to not annoy poor adrian with a six page comment. if you want details in my defense outside this forum, your welcome to them. better yet - how bout you come with us and i'll give you the next drink im bought? bottoms up.
and since you called bullshit on me, im sure you wont mind when i call "has no clue" on you. stateing statistics is easy-when all you use is a snippit, you can "prove" just about anything. 75% of people know that. (asked 3 nearby friends and came up with that statistic just now to illustrate her point)
whatever the difference in our opinions is, fact is, if it EVER HAPPENED EVEN ONCE TO ONE WOMAN - its 2 twice too often.

Sure Honey. I'd love to go with you and drink all your free drinks each night. As long as you understand if I self-medicated myself with Rohypnol when you girls go into Oprah-Feminist-Mode.

Support for my case

Good link Yobbo and muddies the case against drink spiking. However it's undeniable spiking has increased, as evidenced by the post link. Yet it seems reasonable to question the extent of the problem until further research can confirm.

Err, no. It's very deniable. What is undeniable is women are paranoid about it, and much more ready to blame someone else for their drinking problems nowadays.

So if you wake up disorientated, nauseous, light headed and can't remember what happened the night before then you probably should have reconsidered that fifth pint of lager and the dodgy kebab on the way home.
I thought that Darwin was in Australia.

Hell, I've had my food and drink spiked, no where near any clubs, in a main shopping centre in my city. Can't tell me it wasn't ghb! I've never touched alcohol or any drugs. I only knew it was ghb because the taste and effects are easy to find out on the internet.

i have just read everyone´s comments.... i think it is easy to comment if something has never happened to you.. i on the other hand had my drink spiked last saturday night... i had only three drinks... yet collapsed, without being able to walk, talk or even keep my eyes open. fortunately someone carried me to a taxi and luckily they took me despite the fact i had also started to vomit on myself... a friend also had to carry me into my house and fortunately they laid me on my side so that when i awoke hours later, vomiting on myself again, i didn´t choke. i heard everything that happened as i was somehow still conscious... but i was helpless and couldn´t do anything to protect myself.... and that was after 3 drinks.... the next day i was really sick and it has been two days since and my body is still weak and i feel like crap... so don´t say that drink spiking doesn´t happen and don´t say that it is because a girl has drunk too much... because that clearly is not always, if very often, the case. i know the difference between being drunk and hungover, compared to what happened the other night.

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