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Wow!!! Jesus, that struck a chord. All I can sya is that I haven't had a music video knock me for a six in awhile.

Geeeeeze... how sad is she. She certainly doesn't mind a drink, not that I don't mind one myself although bourbon is my preferred choice. Don't think I could drink a whole bottle before going out though, don't think I would even make it to the front door let alone the park bench.

lettuce,fancy you accusing someone else of making political comment(pot calling the kettle black)

who would have thunk it? You're a Massive Attack fan!

I am back again. I have a freind who just went to rehab here in the U.S. Her boyfriend sent her there. She was putting away as much as a quart of vodka everyday. She is only 32. Some drink to remember , some drink to forget. Cliched... Sorry...

Anyway don't generally post twice but that song rocked.

I'm a huge massive attack fan, and i'm also going through a very difficult breakup, lubricated by alcohol - though not quite to that extent. i hadn't seen that video yet or heard the song. it really had an effect on me. thanks.

Great song, great video....very haunting.

Found an article here;

Looks like a dreadful newspaper!

Well done Herman, great get! As she says, a tragic short film.

'a', Go easy on yourself mate, people who love you care. Have faith.

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