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Just for touching you huh? Do you give that warning to girls too?

Taxi drivers driving in a crazy fashion put the community at a much much greater risk, then any cabbie faces from a few drunk violent passengers...
Its time the cabbie industry got its act together, and the Police cracked down on cabbies blatantly disregarding road laws , that are in place to ensure the safety of the road users..
Cabbies, have some respect for our saftey, and then in turn we might lobby for you..

Tinkerbelle wants the police to crack down on people who blatantly disobey road rules by driving in a dangerous manner? I doubt there is anyone who does not share this desire.

However I don't see the relevance to this thread.

Yobbo: I imagine he does give that warning to girls. The sign on top of the car says "taxi". The advertising mentions only transporting the public to chosen destinations.

NOWHERE is it written on a taxi: "King Hit, free target, anytime, any weapon, no warning required"

If people (including girls) don't want to go to jail, I suggest they don't commit assaults.

Yobbo: Video surveillance is used to prevent violent behaviour, and to assist with prosecution of offenders. This is widely publicised. Less often mentioned is how those same cameras, installed at the expense of the operator, are used in a complex situation to hang the operator/driver in court.

The only safe bet is to touch nobody, & call the police in violent situation.

People (in this case cabbies) do not pick the time, place nor weapons of a surprise attack on them. However their method of retaliation/defence is often called into question, usually by judges/lawyers who don't have to face such situation in their own life.

I support the "touch me & the police come" approach 100%.

Yobbo, I'd first have to establish intent ! Seriously though, Steve's summation is spot on. (and much appreciated). Best policy is to maintain zero contact to ensure there are no problems.

Speaking of surprise attacks, I've just heard of a cabbie who was stabbed seven times in the head last weekend in Ultimo. Did anyone else hear of this on the news ?

your blog is rubbish it stinks mind you you do to

A couple in my cab, today, told me they had enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Australia. I asked about their taxi rides. The woman said that the drivers were all courteous and helpful. Not one wild scary ride!

Bit harsh Tinkerbell... cos some cabbies might drive in a dangerous manner (much like a lot of other inconsiderate drivers out there), addressing violence against them on the condition that 'they' clean up their driving on the roads sounds dangerously like you beleive they deserve it. I said SOUNDS like... not wanting to put the words in your mouth or such. I'm happy to be misunderstanding of the language you are using... it sure as heck wouldn't be the first time. :)

Violence, in any shape, at any level, and involving any person is inexcusable... too bash someone for what he or she haves, does, looks like, sounds like, wears, drives... the list goes on, is - pardon my rudeness - quite frankly, piss poor behaviour!

There are no end of people out there who provide a vital service in our community, and sometimes they pay a pretty high price for it. Violence has a remarkable way of getting out of control, and can escalate at a phenomenal rate. It doesn't take much to set it off... and with SOME drunk punters - it takes even less! Should a punch in the arm be excused... would you let another adult punch you in the arm in anger?


No-one ought to be expected to sit there and take verbal, let alone physical abuse in their job....I'm with you Adrian.

I agree with Stacey

Nobody has the right to touch a cabbie.
Would you say something nasty to a service station console operato?
What is the difference?

Thanks Joann, that's very reassuring. Likewise other comments confirming support for cabbies.

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