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What demons drives such people?

I watched the 4 Corners program last night, I am sorry to have to admit that I was absolutely gobsmacked that people like this even existed. It just shows what a comfortable and cloistered world most of us live in, never seeing the darker side of life.

I was left with the lasting impression of what a terrible, terrrible waste of a life that drug addiction causes.
It is difficult to feel sorry for such wretched examples of humanity until you can look past the drugs and see the person that they might have been.

One of the best "4 Corners" documentaries in years. Good hard hitting stuff, minus the political bias that has tainted the ABC so badly, and showing a slice of inner city life that you will never see in the tourist brochures.

thanks for puttin that on...i had no idea what it is was ? ..till 2 days ago..and i missed the prog...so thanks again

"Ice addicts make heroin addicts look good."

Amen to that.

We've had an "ice" problem here for about 4 years. It is getting steadily worse.

The mainland is about two years behind us on this.

It takes a hell of a lot to frighten me but "icers" always get that "little voice" in my head to start screaming.

That's why I keep "Maggie" (my 5 D-cell Mag-lite) next to my right hip. And, yes, I've had to use it on more than one occassion. Very effective "additude adjuster."

I thought that was one of the hardest hitting documentaries that I've ever seen. You'd hope that it would scare people off, but probably too much to hope for.

For those of you that don't know, Wil is from Hawaii, where "ice" was invented. The icers have made certain parts of Hono virtual no-go zones for everyone but cops. What's so wicked about long-term meth use (whether ice or crank or yaba) is that it causes permanent damage to the neurological system, unlike, say, heroin.

Professor Gordian Fulde is right. Believe it or not, the only way to deal with drug abuse is to legalise and regulate it.
Years of following the U.S. in it's failed prohibition policies have led us down this path. It's simple, as soon as you prohibit an in demand item, the demand soars, as does the price, and so there is incentive for it's illegal production and supply. Once you remove the motive to produce and sell it the chain falls apart. Of course you'll always have some addicts, but haven't we got all that now despite decades of prohibition? Honestly my friends, prohibition is not the way forward. All this trouble could have been avoided years ago but unfortunately at the time there was a lot of hype and misinformation going around, mainly from the States. We all just blindly followed and look at the mess now. The fact that most of our politicians won't admit they've been wrong for years shows just how stupid and stubborn they are.

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