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"retained in a paper barf bag" - Adrian, do you keep barf bags in the cab? I remember many years ago being a drunk 17 year old and throwing up in the back of a cab - wouldn't it be better for everyone to have bags in the back of the seat like a plane?

You're gunna be in trouble when somebody with a granny glasses fetish wants a ride.

^DT; chuckle, chuckle; too bad we can't set the lad up - bit far to go - but jeez I'd like to moblog his face when ya sprung it :-))
Cheers to ya both

"sleazy phenomena changed overnight when I started wearing granny glasses !"

Yes Adrian - I agree with that. The granny glasses really aid me in my never ending pursuit of the 'mfz(copyright Much ado).'
'Sexy secretary' my ass, it's like you have a forcefield around you when those spectacles come on - wish I had have known about it decades ago.

Mick, legendary cabbie Geo once advised, 'Mate, butcher's bags are perfect'. They should be mandatory in all cabs, like airlines.
Dirk, are there really 'glasses fetishes' ? Now I'm worried.
Forcefield indeed ab. Works for me too.

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