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What gets me is that these events are happening in the first place because it creates a unsafe environment and disturbs the neighbourhood. I hope Mr Singh takes Civil action against Eaton.

An obvious question is, why do parents let their children go out drinking etc etc when they are under-age.

This afternoon on my way to a music lesson, a young girl talked and talked to me at the bus stop. She initially asked me how to get to a park where the party she was going to was being held. She seemed like a good kid, but I really wondered why her parents were letting her go half way across town dressed in fairy costume at the age of thirteen on her own. I hoped she was getting a lift home, but I wondered why she wasn't getting a lift there.

CIAO from Italy

Is this the same story? (from The Australian)

February 11, 2006
A TAXI driver has been punched in the face while stationary at traffic lights, in the latest act of violence against Sydney cabbies.

The 44-year-old driver was stopped at a red light on Bunnerong Road at Matraville about 1.55am (AEDT) today when a group of male teenagers approached the car and asked to be taken to the city, police said.

Then this: Another taxi driver was threatened with a knife and had his cab stolen when he was robbed at Daceyville on February 9, after picking up a passenger in Darlinghurst.

Thought you are in Sydney not the Harlem area of New York City or the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. Is this violence against taxi drivers in Sydney rather commonplace or is this a new trend?

Huggies, I'm sure this is a legal option.
Anya, that sounds like a worry, though not a surprise. Too often also, parents aren't aware of what kids are doing. Though as parents they are still responsible.
Joann, regular cabbie assaults are par for the course in Sydney. What is unusual is killings of cabbies, thanks largely to laws banning firearms.

Just because they are banned doesn't mean you can't get them, Adrian. Perth cabbies have shown me theirs before. You could get in trouble for having an unlicensed firearm, but it's better than being dead.

It's true Yobbo, it's not unknown for cabbies to arm themselves with some type of weapon. As for firearms, they probably adopt the Queensland defence - it's better to request forgiveness than permission.

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