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Hi Adrian

I think this should be spruced up for your magazine column. Excellent piece,
from a former night shifter.


You're right. What happened is less important at the funeral than remembering the person.

Best wishes to all drivers, who must be feeling so many things at this time.

Thanks Aurelius. This theme was originally intended for my Bulletin piece but I couldn't nail it last week. It was only at yesterday's funeral when I got the context right.
Ian and MA, many thanks.

Deeply thought and felt and formine,vividly expressed with precision-like prose. Love reading your stuff Adrian (most of the time).

Most appreciated Andrew.

Adrian, is it true that some good will come of all this and that his families wishes will come to reality? The late news is of new security measures for taxi drivers; true, or just the usual rhetoric? I'm ever skeptical of feel good government announcements - with good reason!

Ian, Some changes tighten up existing measures whilst some is rhetoric. See today's post.

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