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Meth is some bad news. My social group of friends that I grew up with in Brisbane were heavily into it. I missed the boat because my wife and I were abroad for a few years. We came back and the hard core partying on this stuff was out of control. I also have another mate who is on it. Can't tell him that it is bad for him. He just goes off the rails. He is looking ancient and he is only thirty. Adrian, it is scary stuff and it is too easy to do. Since living here in California I am always on the lookout for people hopped up. Just be wary. People become very unpredictable whilst on it.

wow, the people you meet!

I too have friends on it. One tried to convince me that i was waisting my life by NOT taking it. His rationalle being that I slept 6 hours a day - time waisted he enthused. He was serious that 12 hours a week was plenty. He spent his evenings adapting cigarette lighters and magnetising rods so that he didn't have to bend down to pick up his cone when he dropped it.

Mind you my wife thinks I'm waisting my time reading this blog.

Stay safe Adrian.

Nick, as you say, you were lucky to miss a boat called Titanic. I'm forever looking out for erratic 'speeders'. Like this bloke.
Carl, sounds like classic speed 'logic'. Plus I'm shattered your missus doesn't rate Cablog !

Odd times we are living in. Try travelling the buses here.

Hey adrian, you will find that whilst you can inject ice, most will smoke it in a glass pipe (if you have ever seen Traffic you will understand). There is a stigma nowadays especially around the younger users that "injecting" is too hardcore and "bad" but smoking is okay. Probably because of all the bad press with Hep C and AIDS etc.

Anyways smoking offers a similiar body rush to injecting and for young users seems more socially acceptable. It can really fuck you up tho... as a stimulant constant use means that many will go on weeklong benders with little to no sleep... that would fuck with anyones head really.

Weird! I think of paracetamol or anti histamine maybe anti biotic from the GP. But the rest is as I said weird.

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