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I'd love to get one Adrian!

The Germans seem to be on another tangent altogether and investing their future in diesel.

The new 2.0L Golf TDI for instance based on a 4 cyl diesel engine is quoted 5.7L combined 6.1L/100K - pretty impressive fuel economy! Max power 103kW @ 4,000rpm, and Max Torque 320Nm @ 1,750 - 2,500rpm.

The Prius - world's fuggliest car. The dash is a plastic monstrosity, the interior small and sparse.

I'm waiting to see what Subaru have to offer before the next purchase. So far, definately not a Prius even though I average 60,000k/annum.

Oh-ho, Ford... don't they invest in fuel economy so that they can build larger cars for Americans?


Gday Adrian,

I was at the Toyota Megaweb car museum in Tokyo recently. What stood out was how shoddily-built the Prius seems to be. I can't see its rivets lasting more than 20 km over those Coogee Hills.

I was watching some Pommy motoring show on the idiot box the other day and they did a comparison between a Prius, a 1 litre Daihatsu Something Or Other and a Peueot turbo diesel Something Or Other Else. The Prius was the most expensive to buy and the least economical in real-world conditions.
Sucked in, greenies.

It is interesting to calculate how long the fuel savings take to amortise the additional purchase price of a Prius over, say, a Corolla. Depending in the KMs driven per year and the prevailing fuel price, it usually works out to between 11 and 15 years...

Maybe Toyota has to reduce that purchase price differential to convince the Australian consumer to be green...

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