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Don't forget that SBS's weekly program Living Black covers many of these issues in detail. This week's program has some good comments about the Beagle Bay SRA.

'Mutual responsibility' is still a hotly-contested topic within the indigenous community, but the good news is that it does seem to be lifting some people out of their previous poverty. The long term effects? Some people hint that SRAs may lead to a reconsideration of whether every community is a viable one, and out of that may come some tough choices.

(Disclosure: I'm employed full-time by SBS.)

Flashman, not being an SBS viewer, due to dodgy reception, I was unaware of these programs. So thanks for the tip, it's gotta be good new for Kooris.

As with the ABC though, one can be forgiven for being a little circumspect on the type of media coverage Kooris receive. There is a noticeable air of scepticism with much of the ABC's Koori coverage and I suspect the same applies with SBS to some degree.

Understandable given the radical reform initiatives undertaken by the Howard Government on indigenous affairs. Initiatives which don’t necessarily square with the prevailing ideological beliefs of the organisations. Hopefully though, both the ABC and SBS will give credit to these Government programs when it is warranted.

That a debate is ensuing regarding the viability of some remote indigenous communities is a good thing. I've long believed that tough choices must be made which favour the future generations of indigenous. Sad but true.

Nice story - well said. trouble is, the "story" for the media is bad news, so good news is rare. Progress happens through many experiments, some fail, some succeed.
We sholud hear of both.
I think SBS does the best job of reporting Koori stories.

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