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I know which blogathon I would prefer to attend.

You're a fairly tall chappy, aren't you?

Wow. That left one looks like death.

Wow. You can tell that from a photo of four people? (Of course, they weren't the only people there.)

Heh. No - of course I can't tell, and I'm sure everyone on the left was having fun. The black boxes are a real killer to sussing out the mood, though.

Dirk, 6 foot and shrinking !
Lefty, those black boxes suggest all sorts of hilarious metaphors - ain't you got friendlier options in photo edit. Your guests surely would rather have been exposed than box-headed ! And when are you gunna show your face - you're a good looking cove. Mate, come out and be proud !

I'm glad somebody else posted Mr Lefty's grogblogpics. I've not had time to, but his happy snaps cracked me up. :)

So long as a good night was had by all!

ain't you got friendlier options in photo edit.

Sadly, no. I have no idea how to do anything more sophisticated than pasting black over their faces.

Anyone know how to do that pixellating thing they do on the TV news?

^Mr Lefty; g'day. Just select => filter => pixellate => mosaic + save as in Photshop anyway. Cheers,

in foto edit there should be a blur or sharpen sometimes u can undersharepn which in turn blurs

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