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One of the things that really struck me through reading you as a n00b lurker was that you had a heart of gold. What a guy!

I'm sure your not the only tryin to offer some sort of service (or should that be sperm donation??)

Halle must have misplaced my application form. I lodged it some time ago and I still haven't received a reply...

Hell, even i'd do Halle. If only i had sperm making abilities.

Still trying to get my head around a stunner liker her claiming to have trouble luring a bloke.

Miss Berry could perhaps come to my town. Here Bush Pigs have handsome men falling all over them, despite some handicaps, which I now list:

Complexion like pizza
3 digit body weight (in kilogrammes)
Figure all same longa basketball
2 children in pram, (by different coloured fathers)
wearing tracksuit 2 sizes too small, with spare tyre jubbling out everywhere
breath like hyena
screech like hyena
NO MONEY (unlike Ms Berry)
Conversational skills less than that of a bluedog
Remarkably narrow horizons, (ie has no use for the world beyond the shopping centre, the pub and centrelink)

Ms Berry would so swamped with choice that she would have to select the father of her child by ballot, were she to come here.

Steve at the pub, I don't think the sort of blokes who would go out with a bush pig would be Ms Berry's type. However, it you or any of your mates would like my number...

Major Anya: "Go out" is probably not quite what these men have in mind.

Perhaps Ms Berry is quite fussy, or has some "issues" with men? It is my experience that women who are 35+ and never married quite often have a temper worse than Mark Latham (which is initially very well concealed), are quite unreasonable when they snap, all accompanied by a rather large chip on their shoulder.

Mmmm, email me for my number, hehehe...

Halle has been married and her husband cheated on her, so perhaps that's an issue. I think men and women come at each other with all sorts of expectations and fears these days. As for tempers and chips, it's impossible to generalise. Depends on the person. Regardless of gender, we all have our flaws and our positives.

need a larger photo of Ms Berry to check for 'flaws'.

Oh c'mon Steve@thepub, what are you saying about bluedogs?! Bluedogs communicate very loudly and eloquently if you know their language and listen right. Hmmph.

Halle Berry has some issues - her once boyfriend beat her so badly that she lost the hearing in one ear. To this day, she is terrified of this guy (initials WS).

She appears to be a bit timid (who can blame her), her last husband cheated on her outrageously. She seems to attract men who treat her badly. Such a shame, she's a beautiful woman.

Perhaps she should try a white guy for a change?

Perhaps she should try a white guy for a change?
Should I have mentioned that on my application form?

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