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Holy crap, what is Sydney becoming?? This is outrageous and gutless. A middle-aged woman being attacked?! I am appalled. I am so sick of the pack mentality.

I hope the police manage to catch up to the Maroubra gangs, although I doubt they'll have as much luck as they will with the creeps in Cronulla.

(Interesting you'll characterise what happened in one suburb as 'rioting' but only as 'beach scuffles' in another.)

As usual the MSM is reporting this as a race-based event, despite their being no racial difference between the protagonists- cultural and religious, yes. They're also as usual portraying the Lebanese as being victims of Anglo-Saxon intolerance, without any investigation into what led up to this ruckus.
Pretty piss-poor coverage, as expected.

What a night eh?

Great reporting Adrian. You've got a great perspective. That line about "it's our country too" is very telling.

Dan, yes it is telling - what are the implications - a sense of exclusion and marginalisation maybe?

Think back to what happened in France recently and in Macquarie Fields earlier this year and Redfern before that. The consistent theme seems to be underprivelage and a sense of exclusion. A lack of connection with and investment in the wider society perhaps? Where is that coming from and how do we stop it.

The fact that incidents like this are exploited by a variety of interest groups for their own ends is another issue.

greg, Mate, i think u have got your wires crossed. Its not maroubra gangs. Its lebanese gangs driving 25 mins from lakemba and belmore to attack maroubra which is a surfing beach area.

maroubra locals!!
Do you remember this happening happening about 10 years ago? Bra Boys and Assyrian kings? That went on for 3 days straight? Brace yourselves fellow 2035's. Its only just started unfortunatly.

She slowly looked across at me and with a pained expression replied, ‘It’s our country too’.

What touching, sentimentalist shit.

I was under the mistaken impression that this was a conservative site.

‘It’s our country too’? Bullshit. They would have said what they always say; that this turf is theirs. That a gang member would construct a sentence to be inclusive ("ours") of the Australians whose cars he was busily smashing is complete nonsense.

I say you made that up. She didn't relate anything of the sort. Pushing the "one as bad as the other" lie that the media is trying to VERY hard to propagate.

Well, the Australians have around 10-15 years of catching up to do. because that's how long the Lebs have been trashing us and our city.

One is as bad as the other, and that's the point: the riots in Cronulla are criminal and the rioting in Maroubra - or anywhere else - is, too. The criminals who bashed the lifeguards and the criminals who bashed anyone they thought might be Lebanese: equally criminal and equally cowardly and equally deserving of punishment under the law. Incitement to riot is a crime, too, 'its not gonna stop' and 'Jake'; you might want to consider your position.

So breaking a beer bottle over someone's head is equal to knifing them in the back?

Tearing a girl's veil off is equal to gang rape?

Thanks for the reporting, MOL, great details.

Greg, I posted 'beach scuffles' yesterday before going to work, around 3 pm. At that stage they were only scuffles. Furthermore both links at 3 pm used identical text !? However the Fairfax story was replaced at 7.57 pm, using the same link. Only realised this at 4 am this morning so I understand the confusion.

Jake, don't be silly, it's the only thing she said to me. A telling line not easily forgotten. Maybe she make it up, who knows.

They would have said what they always say; that this turf is theirs - this would indicate you're confusing the visiting gang with the local Bra Boys. i.e. given it was the visitors who did the damage, how could Maroubra be 'their turf'.

Good point mate! I really hope i flag you down for a fare one day mate! Best Cabby i have ever come in contact with!
Good work with this site mate! Keep it up!

"Well, the Australians have around 10-15 years of catching up to do. because that's how long the Lebs have been trashing us and our city."

Jesus, this guy needs to get out more (as in, out of the country). This kind of response is far scarier than a riot lasting a day or so. And unfortunately all too common. Our xenephobia was always going to lead to something like this, and not really surprising it happened as somewhere as "tribal" as Cronulla and Maroubra. I'm a white Aussie - born and bred - and I'm far more nervous being down around the Bra boys at night than anywhere near Bankstown. Think about that.

Jake, Its not about who you are, where you or your family are from, its about how stupid you are and how you think raising a fist in anger will solve matters.
I dont see anybody in either of the groups mentioned being people I would want to represent my opinions towards the gang trouble. I see cowards and idiots of all colours using race as an excuse for their own problems.
Keep up the posts Adrian.

Dave, your fantasy ideology is blinding you to reality. The Leb gangs have been bashing people (i.e. non-Lebs) at Cronulla for well over a decade. They've had it coming for a really, really long time. It's a tribute to the patience and tolerance of the muslims' victims that the payback hasn't happened a long time ago. The leftist bidirectional causality crap just won't cut it, I'm afraid.

Great post Adrian. Good points Dave. I used to work in Maroubra and the Bra Boys were very menacing. They ruled the streets and I never felt safe there.

People are people. There are bad elements and gang-related violence in every nationality. White or non-white. I think Sunday's violence has proved that.

"People are people. There are bad elements and gang-related violence in every nationality. White or non-white. I think Sunday's violence has proved that."

If you really believe that then you're a giant moron. I'm sorry but there's just no politically correct way to put it.

Many of the people chanting anti-leb slogans in the angry mob on Sunday were young girls, grandparents and families with children. It isn't just two rival gangs going at it, people in general are sick to death of Lebanese gangs.

I find it both intresting and brave that it says on the screen in your cab "RIOT MARINE PDE MAROUBRA BCH POLICE ATTENDING KEEP CLEAR" and you still go to the scene of the crime. Your a brave Man Adrian..

I call this religion based riot not race based riot. There are so many non muslim migrants who live among White Australians without any problems. I am one of them. I immigrated because I liked the Western lifestyle, the language and culture. I call Australia home. My good friends are White Australians. One of the advantages I had when I migrated was that I spoke good English (Australian?). Language brings different different ethnic groups together (generally speaking) and civic education. Politicians should try that instead of the multicultural theme.

This is a very insightful article written by a former detective about the escalation of middle-eastern gang violence in Australia. Quite lengthy however well worth the read.


Is a word propogated by apologists' for anglo saxons standing up for themselves. Whilst I agree that many of those initially shown in the media were no angels (& in fact many were probably thugs) at what stage can locals be expected to stand up for themselves without having to suffer the platitudes of a media that failed to report the initial wrongs?

A few bashings - the ledger has a long way to go before it is remotely balanced, sorry targeted rapes and stabbings seem to be coming from one side of the equation!

Nice to see to see the comments with the usual racism undertones are posted by those using fake names and/or dummy email addresses. Perhaps a white hood would be more apropriate?

Don't know about you "enoughisenough", but my "fantasy ideology" is garnered from seeing far more of the world and experiencing far more cultures than 95% of Australians, both European and others, and in the end this kind of crap boils down to the same old same old it always has - selecting to take out issues that have far more complex roots on the easiest target. It's the same with the idiots who bashed the life guards, and the same with the idiots that felt attacking girls because of the colour of their skin was justified retaliation.

This is a social issue, not a race or religious issue. Well, let me correct that, the roots of the issue are not a racial or religious issue. Unfortunately due to the sensationalist media and ineffectual politicians it is becoming one.

So your choice: you can go down the racial vilification route and continue our march into the type of racial issues we see in the States all the time, or you can decide that things need a little more to address them than a bunch of moronic vigilantes brought up on a diet of Johnny Howard and Channel 9 news.

And by the way, Sunny and stumpy, so exactly how many muslims do not live amongst "white Australians" without any problems, and engage in "targeted rapes"? I mean, you seem very sure of yourselves, so I guess you have some facts and figures to back up your claims?

I know, I know, silly me for bringing them damn facts and figures into the discussion. Damn that stuff caled evidence and the like, just better to believe what we believe and never seek to discover if there's any truth to the matter.

Yeah, it's all Johnny Howards fault. Also my cat's breath smells like cat food!

Whether we like it or not, a social issue such as what we are seeing is inevitably a racial issue as well.

Many people have travelled the world & if you really have then you will have seen inherent racism in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA, Turkey, Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, Wales etc - no need to go on. Utopia doesn't exist - never has and never will because human nature dictates that people don't like difference.

Where does multiculturalism exist except in politicians & not realists' minds.

I doubt Adrian's comment was invented, because the very same woman (whose full name was given, but which I forget) appeared on Seven, Nine, and ABC news this evening.

Amongst the many obvious moves the police have to make - surely it is time for the police to start using frequency agile radios, if they do suddenly scanners are of no use to crims.


Re: your post being "I know, I know, silly me for bringing them damn facts and figures into the discussion. Damn that stuff caled evidence and the like, just better to believe what we believe and never seek to discover if there's any truth to the matter".

Re my ?:Where does multiculturalism exist except in politicians & not realists' minds?

I am open to you posting facts on the above issue; and by the way, would you prefer me not to resort to the NSW Law Reports regarding racially targeted rapes as evidence?

Dave, I know lots of Indians who are victims of the self-proclaimed 'Lebs'. Its not just white Aussies who suffer. We need to straighten out these rogues for the sake of all the other migrants who've come here seeking peace too.
Did you realise its impossible to run a convenience store in Sydney without dealing with Leb extortionists? Ask 'Apu' next time you are in 7/11, except he will be too scared to talk.
'Racism' yes, but from the middle east.

Hey JAKE!! Just because it's suprising doesn't mean it aint true. A lady fitting Adrian's description repeated the same quote on Monday morning and evening news.

We shouldn't assume these are brainless thugs. Watching the news coverage of Cronulla and chants of "Lebs go home" it isn't suprising at all that there was a response like this. The masses of Bankstown and Lakenba don't know the beach history and simmering tension building over the last 10 years, they only know what they see on the TV. What they saw was disgusting racism aimed squarely at them. If you kick a horse it jumps. No side is blameless here.

As I am typing this, 11pm, over a 1000 muslims have gathered at Lakemba Mosque. According to Nine News 40 car loads of youths were heading to Cronulla followed by trucks of police & an uncomfirmed report of a shooting at Cronulla.

Hats of to the cops doing a really difficult job well. Unfortunately I think they'll hae to keep doing it days and weeks yet.

One small good thing in all this is that no media outlet or eye witness account is talking about religion. This is a turf that has expanded to a race war. It is not religous based. Lets not make it one!

Intolerance and ignorance breeds this sort of behaviour, and recent events have done nothing but perpetuate this mindset of "us" against "them". We all live under the same flag - we are all Australians regardless of race or religious alignment. There are deep wrongs on both sides, but someone has to be the first to stop.

It's true there is no Utopia, and to live thinking that there is would be foolish. It is just incredibly sad that someone here can't stand up and realise how senseless and ridiculous all of this violence is.

Wherever you find islam and muslims, there will be trouble. Their doctrine demands expansion and forced conversion and you're finding that out: just like France; just like the Lebanon; just like Indian Hindus etc

Just came back from nulla (10pm) from visiting a mate.

Lebs -everywhere- en route to Cronulla.


This is the sydney police stream covering cronulla and sutherland areas.

send in the army. both sides have demonstrated they all need serious discipline. they want civil war, let the defense forces arrive with true ANZAC spirit and strength of character. Real men choose peace.

hey lika kebab man, I like ur style guy.

fuck u aussie guy


great website mate!

Michael, you say:
The consistent theme seems to be underprivelage and a sense of exclusion. A lack of connection with and investment in the wider society perhaps? Where is that coming from and how do we stop it.

Here's some advice for your poor underprivileged muslebs (not to be confused with chrislebs, who don't seem to have a problem getting on with life).
Let's start by availing yourself of the excellent free education system. Then try behaving yourself and keeping out of violent gangs. You might try ignoring ignorant rabble-rousers steeped in 15th century barbarism. Maybe you could try mixing with the rest of the incredibly diverse society that surrounds you, just like Australians of Chinese, Irish, Jewish, Sudanese, Italian etc extraction do. And try treating women, all women, with respect and equality. Finally you show a bit of pride and initiative and get off the dole and get a job. And you know what? You'll be living and behaving just like millions of other Australians. You won't feel excluded then.
I'm sick to fucking death of pointy-heads excusing every criminal, anti-social thug and wannabee terrorist because they are "excluded" or fucking "marginalised" and whose "root causes" for anger must be understood.
They are simply bad bastards who should be dealt with by the law. Sternly and effectively.
Adrian, you've covered this stuff brilliantly. I loved the picture in The Australian today of kids on Cronulla beach yesterday having fun and soaking up the sun. Plum in the middle of the pic were a couple of lovely, smiling Asian girls. Says much about the "racism" the cliche-spouting, ideas-challenged mainstream media was hurling in every direction yesterday. Strange, after last night's events the word has hardly been given a mention.


fucking brilliant post


Perhaps what some people are saying here is right. The problem is with the Lebanese gangs.

If so then why can we not just leave the police to sort it out. Taking the law into your own hands is snubbing Australia's laws and our culture. We have wonderful country and it is that way because of the way it works, ignoring those well established laws is being disrespectful of all that our previous generations have worked to achieve.

"If so then why can we not just leave the police to sort it out."

They've been waiting for the police to do that for 10 years. Nothing has happened.

"Taking the law into your own hands is snubbing Australia's laws and our culture."

Says who?

anyone know any other live streams for nsw police, the one quoted is very static!!

IM a Leb from out west me and prob my 150 mates do not go around looking for trouble do not spark trouble and i can Gurantee u that 98% of lebs/wogs that attend the beach go there 2 swim coz we cant surf and maybe a little purve we got no time 2 fuck around we just wanna enjoy ourselves and get a kebab on the way home, coz at the end of the day the aussie life style is to work, get drunk and go for a surf and that has been your life style for years me and 98% of my community know that and respect that, coz i work in a auusie company with 110 plumbers n 1 lebo (me), and me i love the bech i have attended cronulla for years and i know what its like, U know what this world war 3 was over about, it was ova 2 lebos attacking lifguards not 20 lebos attacking, which is u know and i know totally wrong and bullshit why they did it they didnt do it coz his white or aussie, he probably said something verbally got the young lebos the shits like what happens evry single day n pubs n clubs and around the world. At this time of incident those lebs were in trouble they done the wrong thing. IT was time 2 put it in the cops hand let the cops solve it if not get the guards mates n fucken bashem. any way week later that sunday sparked inicent wogs at the beach guy n gf, families got fucked by 5 thousand auusies and in the train they got fucked NOW thats were u fucked up it was in the Eyes of MEdia attention it was something lebos will not do ulees u raped there sister it was over done it was very bad even couple of lebs saying there australian got bashed and all this was being watched by pist of lebs. AUssies were the start of Trouble.WHAt do u think the 2% of bad lebs were happy no they organise 1500 people in 2 hours and u know lebs with ther bats, guns , flares , n sticks retaliation fucked up maroubra 1st coz the bad history of the racist bra boys (WHO BASH FOR fun) FUCKEN UP CRUNLLA fUCKED UP INCENT fuCKED UP CARS and more 2 come as i try and our leaders 2 stop it but il tell you waht well pray and try our best but we cant stop them and cops cant. Think twice what u do COZ when the 1st blod pours it never ends.

well said danny! i wish the rest of your race was like you, it only takes the 2% to spoil it for everyone. See what we have opened you drukn wankas at cronulla?

Hey Sheldon, only cowards bring knives to a fist fight.

We don't hear about gangs of Aussies raping Middle Eastern women, Aussies didn't drive to the other side of Sydney just to trash cars, Aussies aren't stabbing others in the back.

Fighting with your fists is more respectable than missiles through innocent's windows. I'm not defending the actions of some dickheads at Cronulla on Sunday, but the escalation to armed guerilla war fare is coming from just one side.

Danny's "logic" ends when you realise that Cronulla locals would have been rioting for longer than a decade, if it only took a single instance of Lebanese gang violence to incense them.

Not only can Danny not end a sentence, he seems to have a great deal of trouble with the truth. Lebanese gangs start violence for fun, to show off and to try to humiliate beach locals, who they regard as "inferior Aussies".

That isn't me editorializing, that is a quote from a Muslim spokesman from last night's Channel 7 news. When asked why Lebanese gangs attack white Australians, the answer was "Because they feel superior to the Australians, and because they hate western society".

Danny, take that and shove it up your lying ass. The rest of you socialist knobs, weeping over the social injustice of it all, can do the same.

Hey DAnny

Can u teech ME toooo type REEEEEL cool like you, like a ... LeBO style.

Err Jake, remember this..?


ANything i say is da reality,

what u trying 2 say ends when you realise that Cronulla locals would have been rioting for longer than a decade, if it only took a single instance of Lebanese gang violence to incense them. THats not the point and that is no reason for that action last sunday that made use look worse, if u attacked thugs or troublemakers im with u all the way. THe point that use attacked inicent ppl who turned up on sunday 2 enjoy a day at the beach it made use look so bad and that was a REASON for the REtaliations im not saying i support any of this or my community does, the thugs go by the saying 'Every dog gets there Day' and it was 100% dog act And dont Acuse Muslims coz let me tell u something and correct me if i am wrong, WHat makes u say there MUslims? What makes them think they r Muslims? A muslim Does not do any of them acts IN the Religion they r very strict on the other sex as like christians no sex b4 marriage, no purving escecially being racist. NO Swearing. I can go on and on and on. PPl like them thugs do not attent Mosks or churches. PPl like them thugs r not educated no Job. PPl like them thugs r lost and need serious help dont label them as muslims coz i get very offended and anyways True muslims r not Just lebs there there is a huge poplutaion of french muslims, Morrocon Muslims, Indian ,Aussies U name it, so it doesnt make sence if muslims r doing those acts. And when use come TO the race (RACISM) Lebs r not wogs, Wogs and Lebs r totally differnt so dont mention the Italians n Greeks thats being very Racist And when i was saying 98% of Lebs dont support any of this 98% R not rAcist 98% pay taxes,do Heaps for the community, r very humble, work have lives, Have an Australian Visa, WElcomed 2 the country And Appreciate it. So dont Be Racist AND put ya fingers on Race or Religion. I hope them thugs do not put Petrol on fire then we will be all fucked.

Welcome to Howard's Australia.

A leadership bereft of 'the vision thing' is bound to degenerate the national dialogue to this sort of level. You play the hate/race/fear card, and this is what you get. Remember the Tampa?

No surprises here, except maybe that it took so long to ignite.

Luckily (for him), Howard has had all the necessary draconian laws passed just in time to test them out in the courts. His toady – Alan Jones – spent the last week publicising the Cronulla problem. By giving succour to these morons, he helped precipitate this. Surely he is going to be charged with sedition.

Or maybe not.

This is some kind of black-op to get Australians to embrace these new laws. However, with a nudge and a wink, the laws will only apply to the 'wogs', not the likes of Alan Jones. The slimey turd.

Today, I feel ashamed to be a white Australian. Not through my own actions, but through the actions of those turkeys in Cronulla.

Cronulla dudes, if you don't like it here, why don't you fuck off back to Europe?

You have done disservice to the ANZACs, and to Australia, you dickheads.

lard - I tried going back to the UK but the fuckin EU/UK doesn't allow Australian, Americans etc the right to live and work unless you are like your goodself (probably a 2nd or 3rd gen migrant if not 1st) and your grandkids. They would rather have the PAKI London bombers. I remember a lot of people getting kicked out of London. So where else are we going to go but back to oz???? We aren't David Hicks. No one I know who was kicked out wanted to come back to Adelaide where I am from...but that the the UK under the EU. Now...who decides their immigration...?? The same fuckin groups who decides ours - big business and immigrants. I tell you what will give my house to an Aborigine but then i want someone's house in Europe. When that trade happens I will let you talk about going back to Europe.

danny despite his spelling is mostly right about Lebs. Still the 2 % have done too much and need to be squashed. The people on Sunday should have thought about it and waited until the Lebs came- not attacked a few random strangers. I posted on another forum on Saturday that Maroubra will be hit.

Now Sunday there will be real bloodshed as the cops have basically allowed the Lebs to form up any time in Punchbowl and then convoy around the place and have done nothing except arrest an aussie guy carrying a tree branch in self defence. Danny is wrong about muslims -who has been burning the churches and shooting up xmas carols and why Danny? Danny is right that he knows the Lebs will fight sneaky and will escalate. The Aussies had the best chance on Sunday and Monday - they could have somehow ambushed the convoy, they just had to get the Lebs in a confined space and molotov their cars. Now random people all over Sydney are going to be bashed and killed. The lebs are animals people go on about sundays "riot" which was little more than a pub brawl and talk about Howards, but people are really sick of all that pc nonsence and just switch off. It doesn't mean much when your brothers, Auntie etc are getting hit in the head with a bseball bat -all some people can think of is revenge. This is because the police due to inaction have allowed the Lebs to escalate things and pretty much do as they please. Was it multiculturalism that made the police impotent? Was it the threat of violence and riots? was it a sense of protecting their careers? Either way the police allowed Monday and Tuesday to happen. The people of NSW cannot rely on the police except to put you the Aussie male in jail for defending yourself. Now we have ridiculous scenes of thugs like the Bra boys doing deals with the Leb leasders and Communities. I saw the gleeful smiles of the muslim leader and Comacheros toughie wannabes with the twits from Maroubra. But what was the real meaning behind this "treaty"?

That's right 'Lard', hand the sacrifices and scapegoats over to the Beast in the hope that he will leave you alone.

Got new for you, mate, you and yours are next in line!

You know nothing about the ANZACS either, and have no right to their legacy.

Neville Chamberlain is your predecessor.

Some ruminations from a Bloody Yank.

Oh FUCK no. Something that your media (and many on this site) have forgotten utterly is that these riots did not just spring out of the ground for no good reason.

It has been my observation that Aussie MSM makes our media look like rabid Nazis. Seriously, where do you get these pinko fuckwits in your papers from? Selectively editing out the "root cause" for the riots is a wonderful whitewash, but does nothing to report the facts as they stand.

This is a direct result of the Australian "leaders" desire to PC their own country to death-and the citizens putting up with rape, rack and ruin for years. This sort of hateful rage takes a good long time to fester into a mess like this. The namby-pamby politicos might want to consider that the "racists" have just a smidgen of grief to vent.

You know, they may want to address the "root causes" of the violence.

Another thing that is never brought up is the single unifying factor between the "Asiatic Youths©" in Fwance, Belgium, Holland and now Australia is Islam. Every time the Islamoidiots migrate to another country in significant numbers they create all kinds of fucked-up messes. It is almost a natural law.

Call me "racist" if you wish (which is silly, I have Iraqi epenpals and a Japanese wife from my time in the Marines) but that does not change the truth of this.

Combined with an overeagerness of certain liberal jackasses in positions of power who are more interested in keeping their kushy jobs than actually making sure the streets are patrolled to keep ANYONE from being a flaming jackass, and you have problems. Not even beginning to get into hiding in your cubicals whenever some asshat Muslim screams "RAAAcism!!" Who gives a flying backwards rat-fuck what people call you, so long as your citizens can walk down the fucking road without fear of rape, robbery and murder?

Or, in short, combining excessive PC liberal bullshit with Islam and you get an interactive lesson in the failure of the left's basic principles.

People do NOT have a basic moral code built into them. They either learn it from careful, patient instruction or they are so fucking scared to break the laws of the land that they do not do it.

Any riot anywhere, for any reason, is a basic indication that the social order has broken down almost completely. Or so far that ordinary citizens feel that they have to take steps on their own. Mob violence is a very bad thing, but hardly a spontaneous display.

I cannot even imagine a similar situation here in the States. For several reasons:
-we are a Christian nation, in philosophy if not bedrock fact
-we do not have enough "Asiatic Youths©" (Muslim fuckheads-as opposed to genuine immigrants who just want to get along) to make them think that they could get away with this
-we at least require people to somewhat conform to our culture-if Arabic culture is so great, then why do most of their countries resemble festering pisshole turd world toilets?
-we do NOT put up with riots-from anyone, ever. The kind of things you are describing are simply unthinkable
-we are an armed nation-I myself have a Kimber .45, a Benelli M4 semiautomatic shotgun, an AR-15 and enough ammo to make sure that any number of unwanted callers would wish they had gone elsewhere. (not even mentioning my gear from the Washington Army National Guard) Woe be it to any fuckwad that set foot on my property without my permission.
-while we do have a sizeable immigrant community (and why not, we are a nation of immigrants) they make some sort of effort to integrate; after all, even a (insert minority status here)-hyphen-American still considers himself to be American to a degree. What proportion of the MUslims causing riots in Australia can say the same.

Chanting PC slogans and wishy-washy lefty bullshit will not fix this problem. Ignoring it an hoping it goes away will not help either. It is going to take an honest gut check (or nut check for some politicians) to admit that there are problems, and do what is needed to fix them.

On the same token, overly right-wing solutions will not work either. But sliming an entire nation of admirable people like the Australians on the basis of a few, how do you say it..."yobbos" is fucking stupid. And labeling ALL Muslims as thugs is equally stupid.

But ask yourself this: how many Muslim groups have done anything to police their own? I know how harsh Shaira law really is. If they were really interested in practicing their own cultural mores, there would be no rape, robbery and murder. Shaira very seldom has repeat offenders, if applied as the Koran stipulates.

And one last parting shot: how many of these blindly racist white "yobbos" (what the hell does that mean anyway?) are rioting against your Chinese-Australians? Or whatever the fuck your PC Police call them so as not to offend their tender mercies. Seems to me that this is a, um, targeted response.

Peter - always good to hear insightful comments from an outsider to get a little more perspective.
It's getting harder and harder to not sound like a racist prick when you are trying to talk about this highly emmotional issue. Then I ask myself if saying "Musleb pricks" is actually racist or a statement of fact, albeit overly generalised. Musleb prick gangsters is probably a better label. And speaking about gangsters, The Commanchero dude and Bra boy leader photo op was very curious. I wouldn't think either group was that savy with the media to put this together. It's been initiated from a thrid party I'm confident of that. And why the commancheros? How many Lebanese gang bangers ride Harley's? I doubt theyv'e moved on from the "Father's Day Massacre" too far. 11 people died in a public carpark when the Commencheros & Bandidos went toe to toe. The Commoncheroes were always the more militeristic of the two gangs.

What you are spot on about Peter is the over use of PC. It prevents us from discussing the real issues.

A "yobbo" is a male Aussie who is probably not a professional & loves his beer and rock n roll.

Lastly, about Danny - I know he doesn't come off as an intellectual given his "writing style", but this is not a literary site - it's a site for sharing opinions, which Danny has done clearer than some. This doesn't mean I agree with what you saying though Danny.



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