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Congratulations, Adrian.

You deserve it.

Cannot believe I didn't even see your blog in that awards rubbish. Probably a good thing in hindsight.

What is the problem with these people who visit Cronulla and taking out there anger on some lifesavers of all people.

If they don't like the way Australia is run then they should leave.

On another note keep up the good work on the blog :)

Well done on 600 visitors a day! Wow! I am a bit surprised we didn't see you in those blog awards. The more I think about it the more this blog deserves to win than just about any other. Darp used to be the best until he became fixated on his anti-racism crusade which sort of dulled the humour a bit.

Huggies: the problem with leaving Australia if they dont like it is that most were born here. I'm starting to feel very angry with the media spin. This is not simply a case of 'outsiders' hassling locals. The 'outsiders' are self-proclaimed. Ask them what they are and they will say "Lebenese', not 'Australian'. The MSM is trying to twist it so that it appears a simple case of outsiders and locals, tiptoeing around mentioning "Middle Eastern" n their usual cowardly fashion..
I was happy to see that the locals shouted down Iemma when he tried it on.

Thanks Darlene and Splat Guy, but I'm no match for the Singing Bridges. Maybe I should start podcasting cab harmonics - the beast emits a wonderful high-pitch whine when I downshift for late braking !

Onya maaaate :-))

Self-proclaimed 'Lebanese', the arrogant ones (I know some beaut people from Lebanon too), are the most racist people in Australia. I lived in Marrickville and often heard the expression 'Skips' used derisively about local 'Aussie' girls, who were also, of course, 'sluts'. Young men would intimidate women whose dress they didn't approve of. They harrassed my wife, that's why we had to leave.

If we are to stamp out racism we have to start with 'Lebanese' youths.

Walking through Cronulla about 8 years ago, I accidently bumped into a young Middle Eastern girl walking in the opposite direction. She was being escorted by her even younger brother (about 5yrs). He didn't accept my immediate apology and stood toe to toe with me staring up from my knee caps with raw anger. His little fists were clenched tight & his teeth showed. This kid was ready to rumble until my scornfull laugh caused the girl to pull her brother away.

This kid was probably at a beach in Sydney today, & so was I. I was at Cronulla for a dinner appointment. I have never been more ashamed of the Australian flag as I was today. Before today I had only ever seen the flag raised with pride, today it was raised in anger and it made the flag it'self seem different. Utes & Commodores circling a cafe strip flags flapping in the wind. A police chopper circling over head, drowing out conversation repeatedly. It was a brand of Australia I haven't seen before.

Can some one older than myself tell me if this is part of a cycle (re brawls of the 60's & 70's) or is this something new?

Very disappointed.

Our country has truly lost its innocence today. Despite being of an immigrant background, I've believed for a long time that multiculturalism doesn't work, and the insanity of Political Correctness will lead to a disaster. Now we see it, what are we going to do?

We're seeing this happen all over the world, because people are fed up with the same old, same old being shoved down their throats.

The real racists are the Lebanese, who are by and far the most aggressive and most disliked of all the various "ethnic" populations in Sydney. They've largely brought problems onto themselves, and the stance of locals in Cronulla is no surprise.

Our government needs to work towards a solutions, to see that these problems do not happen again. Start with eliminating all multicultural policies and tell people to live by our laws, or get out of here.

Picking up on:

Coulter has triggered an assault on free speech from a less than appreciative university audience she was addressing. Earlier in the month she claimed some of these supposed peace lovin', free speech proponents actually wanted to rape her. As a result Cablog has been pounded with Google requests for Coulter's image, which I posted twelve months ago."

There's a pretty interesting tacit (and probably correct) assumption in that paragraph:

That Coulter's assertion of people wanting to rape her stimulated interest in what she looks like.

The oft-repeated line about rape being a crime of violence more than it is a sexual crime isn't cutting through. People still think "'rape'... I wonder what she looks like". And Coulter is blond, leggy and provocative - attributes she definately uses as publicity tools.

the reaction by the press is worrisome: they clearly blame the "aussies", presenting the muslim lebanese as victims of "racism" and "race riots". they post the names, photos, and even at times addresses of the organizers of the demonstrations in cronulla. note that among 5000 people and the event lasting more or less all day, there was very little violence, and the perpetrators of the assaults arrested and rightly so. but where are the photos of the 100 or so cars smashed on 2 consecutive evenings in maroubra, for example? are there any photos of the knive attacks that followed? or photos o the bashed life guards? the "lebs" exploit the bias in the mainsteam media and now cleverly play 2 fronts: on the one hand playing themselves up as innocent victims of "racial violence" "afraid to go to the beach, and on the other hand with their usual violence and e.g. death threats against people they know participated in the cronulla events. everyone knows how leb gangs have intimidated police over the years by telling them they know where they live, and threatning that they will gang-rape their girlfriends. so this is nothing new and was only to be expected, really.
in my view this is not at all racial. its cultural, and the aussie reaction is the result of gang rapes and other crime, intimidation of police, and in particular harassment and violence on the part of these groups. note that christian lebanese dont have a problem. anyone else of color does not have a problem. e.g. i myself, of mixed race, do not have a problem. australia is one of the most tolerant societies in the world, take it from someone who by now has lived and worked in most every continent.

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