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who actually did all the rioting on sunday night? was it wogs or aussies? cause i refuse to believe that aussies would stab another aussie. all this talk about rioting on tv of late and the media are blaming aussies for all the chaos on sunday night. how fuckn stupid, i extremly doubt the locals in maroubra would go around destroying their own suburb. the media is fucked, they are always trying to cover everything up

It was all the lebs/wogs that went down to Maroubra late last night and caused all this shit. They're gonna get what's coming to em this weekend.

Yes, the drunken yobbo inbreds vs the violent, sex starved lebs, man I wish I had a massive rear projection TV and a slab of quality imported beer to sit back and enjoy this with. You go get em shire_boy, you're going to take on a bunch of lebs who are most probably armed and have been building bombs to take the likes of you out for years with what, cricket stumps?? Good luck mate, you're gonna need it. I'm gonna go for the safe punt and bet on the lebs bbq'ing you like the proverbial shrimp on the barbie!! I hate the lebs but am a wog and reckon that the both of you deserve each other. The lebs give us wogs a bad name and you yobbos are too braindead and criminal to differentiate between a muslim leb and a hard working, university educated wog. Therefore, you all deserve to annihilate each other. Don't hold back mate, make sure there is maximum carnage so the rest of us can at least be entertained this time.

How closed minded are you people!?!

I live in the shire too... not something I'd put my name too these days. Shire Boy, you make me ashamed.

And James, can you tell the difference between Muslim Lebanese and non-Muslim Lebanese? On sight? What is the difference, besides religious belief? Do they look different?

You may be just as ignorant as those you criticise.

I live in the shire too... not something I'd put my name to these days. Shire Boy, you make me ashamed.

And James, can you tell the difference between Muslim Lebanese and non-Muslim Lebanese? On sight? What is the difference, besides religious belief? Do they look different?

You may be just as ignorant as those you criticise.

Well the MSM have been playing the PC card and they are making it out like it is the Aussies that have done the worst of the violence. The truth is they are Islamofacists and they have an agenda.

I am not against Muslims who live their lives without interfering with our way of life. On the other hand I stand up and speak out against the Islamofacists who have one intention: to impose Islamic rule everywhere they have come to live.

The rioters last night started off in Lakemba. They used the excuse that they had gathered together to defend the Lakemba mosque. That story was a fake one, because from there they took off to Maroubra and Cronulla and they began yet another night of violence towards the residents of that region. They did not discriminate, and of the women who were injured, one was a 42 year old who looked rather frail and who has lost the use of her car, and the other was a Thai woman. Then there is the threat of violence against a girl who was sitting in her car. In fact she was quite literally sexually assualted as she sat in her own car.

We cannot afford to be PC about these thugs. We need to understand their agenda and we need to bring them to justice before something bigger happens.

teacher, I really don't give a stuff about being able to tell the difference between the muslim and non muslim lebs on sight because I know that the differences lie in how they behave, what they believe in and what they do. And I really couldn't give a stuff about a bunch of aussie surfer wankers either. Gimme a break, every bloody day of the week these morons could not give a stuff about this country and "their land". They treat their land and their beach like a bloody garbage dump themselves, the litter and alcohol lines the streets, so why should I care if a bunch of muslims treat the beach and their unrefined women the same way.
These convicts beat up a poor Italian bloke because he was a wog, plain and simple, not because he was or wasnt a muslim or a christian leb, but because he was an Italian. Therefore, as much as I hate the muslim lebs, I am slightly yet albeit uncomfortably hoping that they annihilate those billabong wearing, dope smoking, alcoholic and dole bludging yobbo inbreds. Then hopefully, those islander neanderthals can take out the muslims once they've finished the skips off.

I'm a true blue 100% dinky di Aussie.

Sunday I was ashamed and sickened of what had occured. I feel for both sides. I can understand the aussies want to protect our way of life at Cronulla. The rock pools get evacuated because the muslim women want to have a swim. News flash. Its a fukn public beach. If you cant swim with others then build a pool in your back yard and swim in that.
If someone called my daughter a slut and stood over her to threaten her with rape, it'll be a blood bath. I may be hurt or killed but id take one of the fuckers with me.
On Sunday, I'm affraid that the Aussies targeted the wrong people. I also noticed that the regular leb gangs were nowhere in site during this. They are gutless after all.
In saying this, I totally understand why it happened, but it will never stop now thanks to the media.
I do have to ask a question of the cronulla boys/girls. They started this and you retaliated. Whether right or wrong. Where were you when the gangs drove around unchallenged and started shit with young families. Hows about the 2 groups in a large area and take it from there and leave the people who dont want to take part in this alone..........

James you sound like you have been beaten up somewhere along the way by a bunch of aussies and possibly Islanders. I think your mentality would fit in well with the Lebs.

An appeal for peace from WogLife
Violence can never be justified, there are no circumstances in which it is acceptable.
Racism is ugly and pointless, there are no exceptions and it can never be acceptable.
We ask that _all_ people, no matter what their background, take time to spread a message of hope and peace today, not one of fear and anger.
We all have a right to express our opinions but we must respect other people's right to do the same.
Refuse to take part in any form of violence or hatred, tell others that you dont want to be a part of it, do it now before it's too late.
Think of the consequences of your actions for you and the people who love you, dont let yourself be swept away on a tide of hate.
Thanks for visiting

ok my name is ben im half leb half aussie , i am chatholic lol cant spell either , i think that if these lebs are sayin this stuff to the girls they should be punished by the law not by the aussie i kno you are all fed up with it and this sorta stuff in little doses has been going on for along time but i think you have to see that there are leb's that adapt to aussie socity muslim or not ok and then there are leb that dont want to , now its thier problem they dont want to adapt they should go back to where they came from , i have lots of girl m8's i treat them with respect and they knew i wouldnt even think of doing any of this now mayb you need to find out who the people are who are doing this report them to the police so they can be charged and then mayb they will learn the laws of australia. not all muslims are bad you kno. some come to australia to get away from all the bad stuff in thier country now i live in vic none of this stuff has ever happened.. i dont know why they do it , its stupid people have feelings and rights

The aussie's should have went leb stomping a long time ago instead of letting shit build up for so long, theres like an 80 aussie to 1 leb scenario so we know that if the shit fully went down the lebs would be outnumbered, i mean look at cronulla there were 5000 aussies grouped up in the shire, then when the leb's grouped up in lakemba they only amassed to 500. i am neither aussie or leb for i am a maori, the lebs fucked up when they started raping aussie girls i say girls because they were too young to be women, and then gang bashing lifeguards i mean what do you expect is going to happen when you bash someone who's job is to save lives get it right for fucks sake. as for raping chicks if your so horny go to a brothel. you never hear of aussie blokes going around gang raping leb chicks. so if the shit gets too heavy me and the bro's are backing up the aussie's and we will bring down some fucking jake the muss (Once Were Warriors) style pain down on some leb heads

wdf happend u fukn kunts use got fuked up fukn skippy kunts it took use 2 weeks to get all those fukn high and drunk dickheads its only took us 1 hour to get alll the boys use wer guna get us bak on the weekend wat hapend ayy u dropped ur nuts u fukn animals

dear cronulla use should be ashamed of ure selfs. the lebos came down to ure area and maroubra and use got put on show and who ever sent the email of use baking the ausies the maori panzey use got no chance buddy use r a discrace to the ausies and id like no id love to se use go down to the south west sydney like the lebs went to ure areas. just shows how dumb stupid lil rich poofs use r lets face it the lebs one fair and squre and im an aussie get a life u red neck stero types

Oh! Dear! We do not need to entertain such idiots!

Hey ya,

People used to say that men are 90 % monkey like, with lebos, that 99 % according to this story I've just found. Have a read through and have a good laugh bros..

" What monkeys can tell us about ourselves!"
Try the following experiment

Get a large cage with five hungry monkeys. Hang a banana on a string inside the cage, and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will approach the stairs and climb towards the banana. However, as soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with freezing cold water and temporarily withdraw the banana.

After a while, another monkey will attempt to get the banana - react the exact same way you did with the first monkey. When the third or fourth monkey eventually tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will do everything in their power to prevent it (fearing the blast of cold water).

Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt, and attack, he finaly gets the point that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

Next, remove another member of the original group of five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer eventually goes to the stairs and is attacked (the previous newcomer also takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm)!

Likewise, replace the third member of the original group with a new monkey, then the fourth and ultimately, the fifth.

Every time the new-commer takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they themselves were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are beating of the newest "gullible" monkey.

After replacing all the original monkeys, absolutely none of the monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, they never approach the stairs and beat any newcommers who try....

That, my friends, is tradition for you! Our vaunted "3awayed"!!!

I'd like to add to this discussion, that sexual assault transcends race. So when it happens that a bunch of lebs sexually assault aussie girls, most people would link the parts together and infer that that group of lebs specifically target, and assault aussie girls because they are racist against aussies. However, to draw this connection is wrong- you need to keep the whole picture in view. More aussie men sexually assault aussie women than lebs- does that make them racist? What if I said asian men were sexually assaulting aussie women- does that make them racist?

But when you see lebs assaulting aussie women, repeatedly, and it is lebs and nobody else, then only a fool would not draw the distinction between race and sexual assault. This, is what the boys of the cronulla riots and other Australians, have been catching onto. Naturally enough, they are angered by it- not only by the insensitivity of the lebanese assaulters, but also by the inactivity of politicians, police and other public officials to take a stand. These public leaders are appeasers- wanting to stay politically incorrect, and thus do not specifically target lebanese as criminals.

This is wrong, and this is a sign of incompetence. You must target specific groups, not because you're racist or sacriligious or anything, but because eveidence shows that problems are more prevalent within those groups. The fact that the there is a higher ratio of lebanese to other races in jail, but a much smaller ratio of lebanese to toehrs in the general population, is not a coincidence.

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