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Hi Adrian,

First of all this is a great blog!

I've gotta agree with the taxi fares in London being ridiculously expensive. Then again it looks like a bloody hard place to drive around in, so I guess they earn it.

Anyway, here's my two cents about the cities I've taken taxis in the most:

Singapore: Really really cheap. So cheap that it probably works out cheaper to take a taxi every day rather than to own and run a car (thanks to the ridiculous prices of cars here). The iconic Singapore taxi driver is always a friendly and jovial chap who's prepared to talk to you about any topic under the sun. Of course, you do get the occasional crackpot like the ones documented in my blog. It is just really hard to get a cab at 11.30pm because they all go into hiding, waiting for the 12 o' clock surcharge to kick in.

Manchester, England: Prices are reasonable. The prices for private cabs are usually negotiated before the journey. A negative point is the amount of young drivers who want to show you how fast they can drive. Female taxi drivers here probably match their New York counterparts in terms of being gruff.

Thanks Mark, glad you like it. Readers can check out Mark's blog featuring cabbie tales from Singapore.

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