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What an intriguing concept.

Can't help thinking that some of us have too much time on our hands thus allowing us to turn our attention inward.

That women was downright rude and arrogant.

Having been in the bearpit of the politically miserable, I can tell you it feels rather suffocating.

Is that how you see the political divide? Left=black-dressed, hand-wringing whingers and right=optimistic nose-to-the-grindstone aspriationals? Such a simplistic political vision would indeed keep you positive, so long as you dress right. Or dress "right".

I'm a miserable, crotchety bastard and I make Lyndon laRouche look like a commie; what's the deal?

I think there's a lot of similarity between the majority of left activists (those who seriously compare George Bush with Hitler) and miserable religious fanatics (the sort who see betting on the Melbourne Cup as a surefire pass to Hell).

I reckon if you can't have a bit of a laugh at the things most important and meaningful to you then you're not worth the time of day.

'Right' on Greg, black is the uniform of choice for miserable gits. And PB, misery loves company - ban that brother in law and stay outta uni bars !

Ah jeez Adrian, you think you meet alot of miserablists, then, shit, don't ever come to where I spend my working day -- Seattle. I swear, this city is the world capital of self-imposed misery. Shit, they started a whole genre of music based on middle-class white kids whining about how bad their lives sucked, i.e., grunge.

The good part of my life is that I live in a solid working class city about 35 miles from Seattle. The difference is like night and day.

The difference between the cities? We are now into the absolute crappiest part of the year -- the month of November. Cold, rainy, and windy, all at the same time. In Seattle, November is the month they top themselves off in record numbers. (Seattle leads the nation in suicides).

Where I live, you wait for the storm to blow through, and then you head down to the little waterfront joints, and sit outside in the sun and the cold blustery wind, eating the worlds thickest clam chowder (dosed with alot of tabasco sauce).

Of course what happened to Seattle probably has also happened to Sydney, they've become "world cities". Meaning they've lost all connection to that which is around them. And both cities have also lost all connection to what each was like only 20 or 30 years ago. Mores the pity, in my opinion.

When I lived in Seattle in early and mid 1980's it was still that rainy place in the far northwest that no one in their right mind moved to. It was a great town. Now, the place is almost like a punchline to a joke.

David, I've done time in Seattle, albeit briefly some 20 years ago. I well remember the Cascades, a bedroom with a view of Mt Ranier and hanging on the waterfront eating clam chowder. In fact Seattle shares some beautiful geographical attributes with Sydney, plus San Fransisco and Vancouver which is why I loved that Pacific North West.

I also recall Seattle was a very middle class city, boasting the highest boat ownership and book buyers in the US. Which I suspect had a lot to do with the presence of Boeing Corp. and the high amount of skilled workers required.

I guess a connection could be made with Seattle's unenvieable record of suicides, but I'm too tired to work it out. Don't know about Sydney's suicide stats but in Australia, rural youth suicide was once a huge issue. No doubt helped by country and western music. Somewhere once I read a US university made the connection. Indeed, I'm struggling to think of one happy C&W song !

One happy C&W song? " Grandma's Feather Bed" by John Denver.
Always brings a smile to my face.

The old time "wowsers" may have changed their names and targets, but they are still out there, wagging their fingers at anyone who dares to have fun or do things they consider wrong.

Splat Guy said it well, you waste your time arguing or reasoning with them.

I vaguely recall that song PQ, and I'm sure there are more. There must be..?

While I agree that often "subjective misery" can be laughable and annoying, anyone who goes through life completely content and happy is either deluding themselves, or not fully aware of the world they live in.

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