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Does Corby deserve any bigger a break than the Bali 9 mob?

Any Australian caught up in that cesspool that is called the Indonesian court system needs help, and needs it urgently.

They got themselves into their own messes and will now have to pay the penalties imposed by their captors. It matters not that they are probably thick as planks and have been manipulated by their cunning drug lords, most of the Bali 9 will probably die in front of a firing squad, Corby will waste her life rotting in a third world shit hole, and in the meantime, the grinning fools who planned and orchestrated the Bali bombings are being feted by their judges, praised by their media, and will probably be free in a matter of months when the evil bastards who run the "justice" system there decide that the heat from the West has died down.

I am absolutely gobsmacked that ANY Australian would even think about setting foot in that stinking mess of a country, much less going there for a holiday, and in some cases even taking their CHILDREN!

I don't give a rat's arse about the "beautiful Balinese people" and their economy, is their economy worth risking your life?

Do these people live in a dream world where nothing nasty ever happens and the Islamic bastards who are bombing Westerners will spare their children because they are , like, so cute?

I have seen enough weeping over the lost and innocent souls who died at the hands of these fanatical mongrels caling themselves the "religion of peace".

Boycott them. Now.

Good point PQ regarding why Aussies insist on returning to Bali. Having never been to Bali I don't understand the connectedness returning travellers have in risking their safety. A form of 'noblesse oblige' maybe...or thanks for the years of cheap holidays.

When discovered by Aussie surfers over 30 years ago Bali was primarily a surfing experience. Then the predominant sentiment was just how cheap the joint was. Since then the transition to a fully fledged international tourist destination has obviously worn thin with Islamofascists. Mainly due to Bali being a Hindu enclave in an Islamic country.

So why do Aussie tourists continue to defy the bombers ? 'We're making a statement we won't be beaten', is often cited. Understandable from London Tube riders, but hard to fathom from travellers on foreign soil.

Whilst it's undeniable the Indonesian legal system struggles compared to Western systems, this is immaterial. It's their system and the Aussie drug runners are dopes for not taking this into account. Furthermore, if their system decides Bashir is not a terrorist leader then yes, tourists should boycott the joint. Otherwise why risk it.

Still, whilst Indonesia is only recently democratic they need time and our support. But the support of tourists to Bali, whilst symbolic is relatively minor. More importantly, Indonesia's economic stability, critical for Australia, turns on bigger issues than Bali tourism or even security concerns. As argued by Greg Sheridan in yesterday's Aussie, Let's not fall out with our neighbour over Bali.

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