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Hello Adrian,interesting life as a cabbie you lead,how was the reaction to the AFL win in Sydney? I was at the game,over from Perth,nearly had a heart attack in that last quarter....oh well,next year.
Do you think that the average punter has permanently crossed Bali off the list for cheap hols?I am just wondering whether this madness will spread to Phuket,and follow the tourists,or it is an attempt to destabilise Indo..Thoughts?

Bleary, as expected Sydney embraced the Swans wholeheartedly, in the end.

Regarding Bali, I'm loathe to venture a detailed opinion due to the fact others are more authoritive. Suffice to say I'm less inclined to the view of say, Robert Fisk (it's the Jews) and more inclined to the analysis of Mark Steyn (a world of Islamic superstates).

Why ? Because of one condeming word, 'infidel'. Islamofascists don't discriminate, they'll murder infidels and their supporters anywhere they can.

Therefore one should travel smart and heed official advisories, for what they're worth.

Why even use that freakish line of spin "War On Terror" when talking about the Bali tragedy?

George Bush is just as repugnant if not more then the facist scum that carried out these terrible attacks on our Australian and indonesian brothers and sisters in Bali.
All the so called 'war on terror' is doing is perpetuating this senseless murder on both sides.

Evida, I fail to see how the act of blowing up civilians in a bar or restaurant leads to a 'freakish line of spin'. Like it or not, it's Terror writ large. And if you think we're not at war, then I'm wasting my time responding.

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