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Oooh - you were in my territory! Balmain - pah! Pathetic. Did you hear all the cars tooting their horns up and down Darling St Rozelle/Lilyfield?!!! An old codger was busy spray painting the road in orange with "Go Tigers"!!! He added a "& The Swans" as a little post-script hahahaha!

How long has it been since burly working-class blokes drank foaming pints in Balmain? It would have to be 30 years or more. Yeah, things change. Manly were silvertails, Norths was a working class area too, and Lidcombe was west.

This doesn't mean of course that some of us in Balmain don't still love the Tiges, even though union is more my game (and before you ask - I went to public schools all my life!) I still play for the Dirty Reds, with the gold and black socks a heritage of the Balmain rugby club that later became Drummoyne. 131 years later, and some of us are still drinking beer in Balmain pubs. Let's hope that never gets lost under the sea of european cars and cafes.

It is going to be a good grand final match this year in the NRL. I'm happy that NQ Cowboys also made it in. I would like to see them win however if the West Tigers win then I would be happy with that as well. No doubt league is the winner in the end.

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