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I heard about the other morning on the radio. Frank Sartor said he was sorry and Mick Mundine accepted the apology. Mundine should get over it...

Yes, of course, it's not Sartor, it's the aborigines.

People who have not experienced discrimination and racism seem often to be the first apologists for those inflicting it. What Sartor said wasn't indiscrete or "taking liberties with Koori language", it was a racist insult he should have been smart enough to avoid.

I would have thought there are better things to worry about their "black arses" like fixing things up.

A friend of mine lived in Redfern and described it as a crime-ridden disaster. She couldn't wait to get the hell out. Meanwhile, people suffer while politicos waffle.

I'm surprised no one has made a link between Sartor's comment and Brogden's "mail-order bride" remark. After all, aren't they both racial slurs? Surely it's time for Sartor to be subject to a campaign of humiliation and innuendo, that being the done thing.

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