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When you say "Cabbies will accept any protection available." does this include a crow bar underneath the drivers seat ?

I'm sure this is a stupid question and I'm overlooking the bleeding obvious, but what's a small-c Catholic?

Incidentally, what about those plastic things that encase taxi drivers? I'd have thought that between that and a locked driver's door a cabbie would be almost invincible?

Good point Huggies. You'd be surprised how many cabbies carry added protection. For very good reason.

SG, a small 'c' Catholic is a lazy way of saying it's been many years since I've followed the doctrines of the Church. As for plastic screens, they are only token protection as they do not fully enclose the driver. Plus there is no independant locking of the driver's door. Ford consider it all too hard. We take our chances.

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