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Isn't the pink lighting part of a worldwide PR campaign for breast cancer...

"On the 27th September, Sydney joins cities across Australia in launching Breast Cancer Month my illuminating icon across the state. What as the night sky around the Macquarie Street Precinct, including The State Library, Parliament House, The Mint, The Barracks, Sydney Town Hall, The National Trust Building and the Archibald Fountain, is illuminated in a haze of Pink".

Thanks Bob, well spotted. Here I was thinking it was all about footy. Sheeesh....

Geez, Adrian, sounds like your obnoxious passenger mis-heard you when you told him to "put a sock in it!"

Ba-da-BING! Thank you folks, I'm here all week...

Pink for the footy would be more appropriate, what with it being about Aussie Rules and stuff.

Nice to see the promotion of breast cancer awareness.

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