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Cripes, that station sounds right up my sad old alley.

Betcha they played Dr Hook.

Can't imagine Graham Parker being nice to fans. Probably as snarky in real life as he was on record.

Don't know about Dr Hook Darlene but you get the picture. And if you're old, I'm dead aready.

Yeah Simon, Parker always was a snarky character. Fully deserving the cabbie's welcome. I think he's pissed off the mainstream success his persona eschewed came to pass. But gee, the bastard could rock.

I love Graham Parker - I first heard of him when I found a ratty old tape of his in a second hand car about 15 years ago. It was "Graham Parker And The Shot - Steady Nerves". Suffice to say in those days I was into "alternative" music and wouldn't be caught dead listening to stuff like that. But I also had no money for new records at the time so I gave it a go, and I've been listening to him ever since - I don't think I've ever met another fan. Above all he was a really clever lyrics writer - written a novel I think as well.

Vega's lovingly brought me back to commercial radio. They come up with absolute gems everyday! I'm totally out of their demographic =P

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