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About time something light hearted happened in Parliament. What's this bit about not calling you mate, 'mate', dude, bro, or late for dinner! Aren't you always late for dinner working the hours you do? How about I call you late for breakfast instead then?
Anyhow I hope you have a really nice day Adrian and may a passenger request you take them on a long trip such as Melbourne, Darwin or Perth. Perth would make a nice 'little' fare, especially going through Melbourne first dont you think.
Regards, Michelle

Maaaate, don't call me late for breakfast either. At 2pm it's already late enough.

Regarding a trip to Perth - the 'nice little fare' would be entirely contingent on the passenger. For example, I'm thinking of a couple of a passengers from last night - a white supremacy sympathiser, a drug-addled lesbian and a moody ex-con, to name a few. A potential nightmare, irrespective of the route or fare.

Still, your positive suggestions are appreciated. Cheers,

Sounds like you had some very uninteresting fares last night. I hope next time you work it is much better for you.
OK, no late for breakfast either Adrian. Still please enjoy your day.

Kind regards,

Trip to Perth, how about a Shakespeare sprouting Bee Miles ?

sorry that didnt make sense, too much left unsaid in my head.

Trip to Perth in a taxi, how about having a Shakespeare sprouting Bee Miles as a passenger ?

No thanks RB, I'd rather have teeth pulled !

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