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About that picture on the left, just one comment. I don't think any self-respecting cop in the U.S. would be caught dead driving a "mom-wagon" like that.

Now THIS is a police car.

David, the wagon is probably an investigation unit or from admin. NSW police vehicle images can be found here. The current pursuit vehicle is the Holden SS Commodore. Affectionately known as the 'dunny door'. It's from the same species as the Monaro which is sold in the States as the Pontiac GTO (I think). The ideal urban pursuit vehicle is the Suburu WRX. The cops here trialled the WRX but they couldn't handle them !

For some reason your supplied link is not loading. Readers can go here and click on 'The other Impala'.

You didn't hit that cat on Dowling or McElhone in Woolloomooloo did you? There's this black cat that always crosses my path on those streets as I'm walking home from work at night. Maybe bad luck got to it before it got me...

No P, it was on Bourke under the rail viaduct, down in the Housing Commission area.

I work on Pitt St., (central station end)...
And Whilst I love Sydney, the nasty shit that goes around in that area in the early hours makes me sick!

I hope the cat is o.k.

I don't go into the City or surrounds after dark these days if I can help it. Just too strange.

Come to think of it, the area around the Three Wise Monkeys can be odd even by day.

Happy 21st to BourbonBird.

Sorry you couldn't make it in, Adrian. There was a spell there where you could barely move, I was getting a bit irked with it myself. Thanks for the call, it was good to hear from you, too!

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes, Cate. :)

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