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I love Americans too! And I especially love observing marines in foreign countries, it's rather hilarious. Your blog makes me laugh pretty hard, which is a good thing! Be back for sure:-) wait a minute, the lesbian thing was pretty funny too


Here's an easy test about the American sailors not tipping.

If the officers and older enlisted sailors do not tip you, then the ship's crews have been expicitly told that tipping is not done in Australia.

If it's only young sailors not tipping, then it's just young guys not realizing that tipping extends to more people than waitresses.

The last time the yanks were here in Brisbane they went to the Purely Blue brothel at Bowen Hills but were turned away due to the fact their were quite a few sailors and not enough women.

Do you take US Dollars ? We recently stop taking the US money at the servo so it is going to be interesting next time they are in town.

Huggies, maybe the brothel owner in Brisbane was afraid of a repeat of what happened in Perth.

When I worked at the pool in CQ we used to get the overflow from the wargames at Shoalwater Bay. I've never met such polite and friendly people in my life. I also didn't realise that women the stature of Venus Williams were not all that rare.

Thanks Rachael and welcome aboard.
David, in that case I can only assume they'd been advised not to tip.
Huggies, I'll take anything except crap !
Dirk, only carried one service woman, a white girl who swore like the proverbial trooper.

I work in a pub just off Cowper Wharf Road, so we were getting quite a few Americans in over the past few days. No problems with those boys whatsoever. They all stayed highly respectable and were very generous with their tipping.

The Kiwis (also in port) on the other hand...

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