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of course Adrian, how could it be otherwise. Ahh, Queensland,bewdiful one day, purfect the next !!! Enjoy.

I owe you a phone call. You're in my old stomping ground? I'm an ex-pat Brisvegan, and I miss it so badly. Thanks for the pics!

Welcome to the delights of Queensland - off to Brissie myself later today. Cheers !

Adrian... I have been commuting every 4 or 5 weeks from Sydney to Brisbane for the past 6 years... I have a couple of big clients up there. I don't fly but drive up and back in my van, which I've named the QEIII. Living in Sydney for 54 years I can confidently say Brisbane has a lot going for it.

Yep the food, service and value for money are streets ahead of Sydney and the staff display none of the arrogance of Sydney wait staff. I can even disproved the old myth of bad Queensland drivers. They are way ahead of NSW in courtesy and plain friendliness. I've never seen an example of road rage whilst in Queensland... I've seen plenty in NSW and Sydney.

Thanks for your interesting and colourful comments from north of the border. If I was there I'd shout you a Cascade Light!



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