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"Yesterday catching the train to the Airport I was bemused to see a City station with multilingual station signs in Chinese. "

My guess is that'd be Brunswick Street, in The Valley, which incorporates Chinatown.

I meant "includes Chinatown", of course, and there's also some sort of Chinese club above the station, if I recall correctly. Worth a bit of a look if you get back, but pretty small I guess - just the usual pedestrian mall and shops. Good yumcha.

Flerdle, yes it was Brunswick Station. Thanks for the connection to Chinatown.

'The City proper appears to have a much smaller cultural mix than Sydney...'

That was the nicest way to phrase Brisbane's cultural standpoint, Adrian. I lived closer to the West, where my family were one of the first in our suburb to start the 'Asian Invasion.' I have been called every racist name under the sun, so Sydney was an absolute mind-boggler when I saw places like Ashfield and Cabramatta, with everyone living in relatively perfect harmony.

It gave me a thicker skin, though certain groups and places in Brisbane could do with a little less racism and a lot more understanding.

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