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I believe the converted church is called The Healer. Haven't been there for a few years, but they used to have a lot of good blues bands playing there. I've been told that it's a lesbian hangout - which could explain a few things.

I thought it was called Heaven? Either way, there is NO WAY anybody could mistake that thing for a real church of a weekend in the evening... LOL! Southbank's looking a bit miserable these days, huh? And thanks for the picture of Themis... she and I go a long way back - a four hour stand-off while I was waiting for K to be sentenced.

Thanks for the pictures!

You're both correct. It was the Healer, which closed and then became Heaven.

Soutbank is a great place (more so in summer admitedly), it is how Darling Harbour should have been. I regularly go there with my 7yr old when i visit Brisvegas.

"Brisvegas", strange name for a city that almost prides it'self on it's early closing times. Not much call for a night owl cabbie there i would imagine.

Plenty of call for late night cabbies here in Brizvegas. Regrettably I am beyond the age at which I have the necessary endurance to enjoy myelf fully until cab time.

Good to hear that Bissy has a bohemian under belly keeping the cabbies busy. Pity it's so well hidden.

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