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I still love you Adrian!! :)

Heh. It's people like me who get tattoos so people like you don't have to. I blame my Catholic upbringing, doesn't everyone? :)

Adrian, i wondered if you would pick up on that 'cabbie' post of mine. I do wonder that about certain cab drivers from time to time. Tah for the big-up, too. :)

Aw shucks Adgirl, and good luck with the new romance.

BB, Good point as I once desired a tatt but never had the guts. I feel your pain, especially across the spine.

Don't worry CP, cabbies are often deluded regarding women. You're on my next Blogroll update too.

Mate, you don't know the half of it. I was crook and high on cold & flu medicine, I downed a couple quick Jack and Cokes, stopped the artist (Miles) on numerous occasions to heave my guts out and pop a couple Anticols. Then, from the shading from the spine over to the right side, my body started going into the early stages of shock. A for effort, mate. And stubborn as all fuck. :P

BB you forgot to mention your 'thick skin'. I know you meant it metaphorically, when commenting in Brisvegas, but I reckon it's also literal given that huge tattoo !

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