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Ack. Way to make a woman tear up at 9am, Adrian!

Great post, Adrian. A friend of my daughter just had a baby and I found myself telling her these same things (not so eloquently, maybe). Her own mother died when she was twelve so I thought someone should tell her these simple truths. Another truth - you dont know what love is until you have a child - I mean the kind of love that would compel you to throw yourself without hesitation between your child and a runaway truck.

When you have child, you truly make yourself a hostage to fortune.

Lovely post, Adrian. :-)

Thats a great post Adrian....
But what about all the Daddy's who feel exactly the same way (apart from the physical stuff relating to child birth!)

Thanks folks, I don't usually post mass emailings but this was current and exceptional.
James, it may have to wait for Father's Day, though a great idea for a follow-up post.

Yeah, good one Ade. I remember the mountains, spring water, the smell of cows munching grass at dawn, and a lot more.

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