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Seems to be a lot going on. I was in our newspaper. It was not about my blog, but because of it. Anyway good for you!

I have been thinking hard about this idea. I'm not sure the model is bang on quite yet, but it's getting there. During the recent election here, I was posting news and analysis at

There's a lot of resistance by mainstream media in the UK - I think they are scared! But as Henry Ford once said of the car (to paraphrase): when something new comes along, at first people laugh at it, then they scorn it, then they all use it...

Good one Joann. Don't suppose you've a link or post regarding same ? Readers may care to hit Joann's link for some cab stories and images of beautiful San Fransisco. A favourite city of mine.

Deek, why don't you look into Pajama Media. They require news contributors from around the world, especially video.

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