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Yes many times. It is so wonderful to be given the chance to see/feel them when they come tosay goodbye and give us their blessing. An amazing experience I had was when my nephew died of SIDS at 12 weeks, after the funeral I was standing with his Great Great Grandfather a man in his 90s there was a strong smell of smoke and we both reacted to a tickle in the nose, I looked up and my nephews spirit was moving around the people at the funeral, just a little face and a smoky body, saying goodbye, the old man saw him too. For me there is no doubt at all that our essence/spirit goes on after death and we have lived many times. They often come to us in dreams too to help us cope. I have had many mediumistic experiences.


Hmm, I haven't had anyone close to me die since I was a young child, and reading things like this reminds me that I'm really not properly grateful for the blessing of having the ones I love always around. I don't think I would handle any such "visitation" too well, though.

My 84 year-old grandfather couldn't beat the cancer anymore a couple of years ago, and my sister and I went out and visited him the last weekend, which was really great. Four of his six kids were either there then too, or visited in the next couple of days. Then the day after I left, he started going downhill really quickly. The last two kids hadn't seen him for a while, so they immediately flew from Melbourne and Cairns and drove out together the couple of hours out from Brisbane. About an hour after they got there, he died in my uncle's arms.

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