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Peter, your efforts to not sound like a left wing conspiracy theorist have failed dismally. I consider your efforts to establish an area of this city which is exclusively reserved for people of a specific ethnicity nothing more than the Ethnic Cleansing you accuse the Government of.

"The thought that we are seeing ethnic cleaning in our own city of Sydney in 2005 makes me sick to my stomach. People, no matter what colour they are, have the right to live where ever they want, to impede this desire is a gross violation of these people’s human rights.

You say this but you only mean it if the people being impeded are Aboriginal.
What about the rights of those who don't fit your ethnic parameters? Why is it ethnic cleansing for the Government to stop YOU living there but not when you say to ME, because I am not Aboriginal, that I can't live there?

Tell me Sir, if your plan was successful, would I be allowed to live in the block should I so desire or would my request fail along racial grounds?

I believe your grief is that of a 2-bob bureaucrat who sees his ride coming to an end.

What has been the cost of the last three years of bureaucracy? What has it cost to set up this impressive panel of advisors? How many of your people in REAL need could have been helped with this money? Perpetual gravy train riders such as yourself are an embarassment to your people and Australia at large. Drop your "victim" status and get on with something practical and helpful or shut up.

Racism is wrong mate. Really, really wrong. It is wrong if I do it to you. It is also wrong if you do it to me.

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