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Thanks for this post Adrian. I'm a long time Split Enz/Crowded House/Finn Brothers devotee, so the news about Paul Hester hit me like a tonne of bricks. Have posted endlessly about it over past couple of weeks and was fortunate enough to see the Finn Brothers concert here in London on Easter Monday, which was one of the most emotional gigs I've ever attended. The Melbourne Age published a letter I wrote about the experience.

We will never know why Hester took his own life, but I don't think it was a case of being out of the limelight that caused his depression, as you suggest, but just a general spur of the moment thing where his brain obviously wasn't thinking straight. The fact that he did it in public park while walking his dogs only makes me think it was NOT something he had planned to do. Whatever the case, he will be sadly missed. And listening to Crowdies tunes will never be the same again, for this fan anyway.

No, let me thank you Kim. Your thoughtful letter is an eloquent review of the London concert. Plus a fitting tribute to Hester whose passing has meant so much to you, a life fan. You've done him proud.

Top entry.

Don't worry. I did a Sydney to Vancouver jaunt only to discover that 'she' was shagging her flatmate.

It was 1998 so Split Enz had long split up so I went to an Ice Hockey game instead.

NO WAY! That wasn't right! She should have told you, not let you cover half the world! Bad!!!!!!

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